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19 DAIWA SEABORG 500JP Select POWER or SPEED according to the target "MEGA MONSTER" JP (power-oriented model), JS (speed-oriented model) "Dot liquid crystal" with excellent visibility * Supports large characters and polarized glasses * No need for various setting manuals Comfortable one-handed operation "JOG power lever" *Excellent finger grip with new shape JOG "MAGMAX motor" that achieves both torque and instantaneous power Waterproof and durable technology "Magshield Ball Bearing" "ATD (automatic drag system)" that continues to work smoothly Instantly set the fall speed "Fall brake dial" "Silent design" by belt drive DAIWA TECHNOLOGY ■ JOG POWER LEVER image The one-hand comfortable operation "JOG power lever" that does not give up the initiative in an instant operation is adopted. From clutch OFF to ON and JOG winding with one left thumb. The power lever operation that picks up and winds with the right thumb and index finger is effective even when wearing gloves in cold climates. * The photo shows "Seaborg 500MJ", but it has the same function. image Operate the JOG dial with the left thumb. It has a structure that has been thought out so that it can be operated by pinching the power lever with the right hand, making it the most convenient to use in various scenes of boat fishing. ■ MAGSEALED (mag shield ball bearing) image Equipped with "MAGSEALED ball bearings" that are committed to durability for catching. By equipping it on the spool shaft, which is the most prone to tides and difficult to maintain, it dramatically improves waterproofness and durability, and maintains the initial performance of winding efficiency and spool-free. * The photo shows "Seaborg 500MJ", but it has the same function. ■ FALL BRAKE DIAL image "Fall brake dial" that can instantly set the falling speed of the device. The large aluminum dial allows delicate operation even with wet fingertips. In drop fishing, stable drop control improves the attachment of bait during the fall, and in surume squid fishing, it catches the touch of squid that reacts in the middle layer. Adjustable from MIN (free) to MAX in about half a turn (Two sets of dial guide stickers are included, including spares) ■ DOT MONITOR (dot LCD) image Adopts a large character screen with excellent visibility in the field and a dot liquid crystal that can be seen clearly even when using polarized glasses under direct sunlight. Equipped with convenient functions such as line input procedure and switching between Japanese and English. Menu screen announcements are clear and can be handled without the various setting manuals. * The photo shows "Seaborg 500MJ", but it has the same function. * To go to the menu screen, press the MEMO switch and the PICKUP switch at the same time for 2 seconds and scroll with the power lever to go to the various setting screens. *In order to prevent entanglement, it is not possible to wind up electrically when the water depth counter is 0.0. ■ MAGMAX MOTOR image Equipped with a special neodymium magnet "MAGMAX motor" that has undergone power tuning exclusively for the SB500MJ to achieve both torque and instantaneous power. Slow winding is also a good thing, as well as winding torque and instantaneous power. * The photo shows "Seaborg 500MJ", but it has the same function. ■ ATD (Automatic Drag System) imageThe tough drag "ATD" that continues to work smoothly, and can handle unexpectedly large objects with peace of mind. The aluminum star drag has excellent heat dissipation and durability, and always maintains high performance drag performance. Drag MAX 23kg. Equipped with 5 carbon drag washers in the drag. * The photo shows "Seaborg 500MJ", but it has the same function. image ■MAGMIGHT structure [magmite structure] A structure that maximizes the power of the motor by making full use of the limited space inside the electric reel. Achieves Hi power Hi speed in a small space. In addition, the cooling effect of the motor has been improved, contributing to further improvement of the motor drive efficiency. image ■ FF structure [FF structure] By placing the motor, which should be called the engine of the electric reel, in front of the spool, the reel is designed to have a low profile, and the front motor structure makes it easy to hold and use the reel. In addition, a level wind is placed between the motor and the spool to enable a more compact design. ■ Belt drive By transmitting power from the motor to the spool via a belt rather than a gear, it is quiet, lightweight, and highly efficient. image ■ SYNCHRO LEVEL WIND [Synchro level wind] A mechanism that interlocks the left and right reciprocating motion of the level wind (line guide) according to the spool rotation when the device is dropped and when it is hoisted. Maintains a clean winding state and realizes a smooth device drop. In addition, the drawer of the drag is smooth. Other functions and specification details function Features ■ One-push ON clutch You can easily put the clutch in the hand holding the rod. A mechanism that can quickly remove diligent tuna in combination with a one-hand clutch. ■ Aluminum die-cast body Body material with high rigidity and little deformation. Firmly receives the drive section including the MAGMAX motor and supports powerful fights. ■ Infinite Eliminates rattling of the handle when winding by hand, realizing a firm and smooth winding feeling like a hand-wound reel. You can more comfortably operate when inviting or taking in a little. ■ Ultra spool free High-speed drop performance realized by separating the gear of the spool and the motor part to eliminate resistance to the rotation of the spool. Especially effective in squid fishing and fukase fishing. ■ Constant speed winding mode Always hoisting at the set speed (ON), hoisting speed is automatically controlled according to the pull of the fish (OFF) ■Electric slow winding A function that allows "slow winding", which is said to be an effective technique for various target fish. Of the electric winding speed adjustment, set the speed at low speed to slow. ■ Display correction function A function that can be easily corrected during actual fishing when the counter display deviates from the thread color. ■ Counter from top/ bottom Since the water depth can be measured from both the top and the bottom, accurate fishing is possible in any situation and fishing. ■ Short winding / short stop switch A short winding that winds at the set speed just by pressing the switch when removing tana or thread dander. Set to both by mode selection. ■ Master Shakuri / Shakuri Switch A convenient function that invites you to the electric reel. The width, waiting time, and range of the jerking pattern can be freely selected. ■ Fukase mode Dedicated system convenient for hook fishing, such as Atari Alarm, Hook Click, and Fishing Tana Memory. ■ Komasetaimu

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