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DAIWA SEABORG G200J 2022 Lightness is sensitivity TOUGH SMALL MONSTER High durability (G = 3-year motor warranty) / High power / Electric game / Electric mobile setting compatible Based on SEABORG 200J, TOUGH SMALL MONSTER achieves even higher durability. The MAGMAX-G motor is proof of its high durability. The highly durable brush motor produces a responsive rotation feeling and power. Equipped with a motor ON/OFF interlocking clutch, the JOG position during hoisting remains the same, and the start with a good response when the clutch is ON, and the motor stops when the clutch is OFF, making it easy to catch hits in the fall. Combined with the aluminum JOG power lever, it realizes even more comfortable one-handed operation. In addition, it is equipped with a dot liquid crystal counter, depth alarm, and electronic drag sound function. Equipped with a 75mm-85mm variable long handle as standard for manual winding. Tough setting that supports not only higher-grade targets but also electric jigging (shakuri mode). It also supports Electric mobile setting in the Daiwa app, and can be easily operated with a smartphone by linking with the DAIWA app for line input, function settings, maintenance management, and name engraving on the main unit. Introducing a small electric reel that is durable, high power, and equipped with various functions for comfortable fishing. Lightness sensitivity 1.23 SEABORG G200J Own weight 520g AIR cord 135g = 655g  SEABORG 200J-SJ Own weight 570g Power cord 250g = 820g 165g: 20% lighter 2. Small and compact Body  Low profile/narrow form

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