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22 SHIMANO BEAST MASTER 9000 Let it swim, yellowfin, deep water. multi-strength. Excellent hoisting performance and durability are essential conditions for swimming fishing and aiming for large yellowfin tuna. The Beastmaster 9000, which combines the GIGA-MAX MOTOR, which is installed only on the Beast, with a highly durable reinforced gear system, demonstrates unwavering hoisting power and speed in serious competition with amberjack, longue, and yellowfin tuna. In addition, the line capacity of PE8 No. 900m, which can be made to swim in the southern waters and can cope with the recent increase in size of yellowfin tuna, is also active in deep-sea fishing such as alfonsino, mutsu, red sea bream, and abra bows. Realize its own weight that allows you to fight while holding the reel in your hand. In addition, the Search Maru screen displays information on the Search Maru in real time on the liquid crystal of the reel. The Beast Master 9000 can be used in multiple ways as a powerful electric reel that is rich in power performance, information power, and utility. *The Search Maru Screen/Scale can be used on all ships equipped with the Search Maru base unit. The ACCU-FISH® function and fish school water depth display can only be used on ships equipped with ACCU-FISH® compatible master units. [About power supply] The product does not contain a lithium battery. In order to fully demonstrate the performance of the reel, we recommend using a large capacity battery (manufactured by our company: BT Master 11AH). KEY FEATURE key feature Overwhelming power & durability and information power. A multi-large beast that can handle big and deep areas. Power and durability, as well as sufficient line capacity, are required not only for swimming fishing for big things such as amberjack and longtooth grouper, but also for large yellowfin tuna. Equipped with GIGA-MAX MOTOR, the Beastmaster 9000 is an electric reel that can handle not only big fish and yellowfin tuna but also deep-sea fishing with its overwhelming power, toughness performance, and line capacity. The Beast Master 9000's own weight with overwhelming driving force, sufficient line capacity, and information power allows you to fight with large fish and hand-held. It is a multi-large beast master that supports big game and deep water. Corresponds to amberjack, longtooth grouper, yellowfin tuna, and deep water. GIGA-MAX MOTOR & enhanced gear system. The GIGA-MAX MOTOR is a brushless motor installed only in the Beast Master, which demonstrates overwhelming power and speed not only in swimming fishing for amberjack and longtooth grouper, but also in fighting large yellowfin tuna. As its name suggests, it is a brushless motor that exhibits strong power even at high temperatures, has a long structural life, and is highly durable. The Beastmaster 9000 is equipped with a reinforced gear system in which the deceleration gear of the gear system that transmits the power of the GIGA-MAX MOTOR is supported by bearings, realizing amazing durability. It supports high load and long distance hoisting, such as targeting large fish and deep water. Never miss an encounter with a big game. See the "now" in the sea at hand. In swimming fishing, changes in seabed shape and reaction of bait as well as depth of water, yellowfin tuna in komase fishing, movement of yellowfin tuna and yellowfin tuna alone, change and reaction of the seabed (size of flock and swimming layer) and trajectory of gimmicks in deep-sea fishing. All of these underwater information are important keys that influence fishing. The Detective Maru screen, which displays the Detective Maru information in color on the LCD screen of the reel, allows you to know the latest information in real time with minimal line of sight movement. Look at the tip of the rod, look at the movement of Michiito, look at the reel. Adding “obtaining information” to the series of fishing actions makes it possible to predict and confirm the next development, which not only expands the depth of fishing but also improves fishing skills. The combination of excellent power performance and the latest information power brings new expansion to big game fishing and deep-sea fishing. *The Search Maru screen can be used on all ships equipped with the Search Maru. *The AccuFish function can only be used on ships equipped with AccuFish-compatible base units. Electric reel usage explanation diagramElectric reel usage explanation diagram FEATURE Features HAGANE_RL HAGANE Shimano's design concept is to create products that can be truly used by making the most of metal processing technology. Robustness that can be used safely even in harsh conditions. Precise winding comfort and reliable operation that stimulate sensibility. And the hoisting power beyond imagination. By honestly pursuing a reel that can be used by anglers, that activity creates HAGANE gears and HAGANE bodies, and becomes Shimano's belief. All for anglers. HAGANEBODY_RL_EL body By using lightweight and highly rigid metals such as aluminum and magnesium, the deflection, distortion, and twisting of the reel are firmly suppressed. It protects the meshing of delicate gears and enables smooth reeling. GIGAMAXMOTOR_RL_EL gigamax motor A high-performance motor installed only in "Beast". Not only is it powerful at high temperatures, but it is also highly durable. It is a brushless motor that can demonstrate strong power even at high temperatures where motor performance tends to decline. A brushless motor is a motor that does not have a “brush,” which is a powdered solid substance such as carbon or copper, which is one of the parts that conducts current. Brushes wear out, so their absence also extends the life of the motor. You can imagine the high quality performance of "power", "speed" and "durability" from the fact that it is also used in racing cars and bullet trains. For reels equipped with GIGA-MAX MOTOR, we recommend using a large-capacity battery (BT Master 11AH) in order to fully demonstrate its performance. TankenmaruSCREEN_RL_EL Tankenmaru screen The electric reel is equipped with a color fish finder display function. The Tankenmaru screen displays the depth of the seabed, the shape of the seabed, the size of the school, the fish's body length = ACCU-FISH®, and the trajectory of the tackle on the electric reel. Without moving your eyes to the Search Maruko machine or smartphone on the side of the ship, you can see it in vivid colors on the reel counter at hand. A function that motivates you just by looking at the detailed changes in the seabed and the reactions of the fish, and is directly linked to actual fishing. Please experience the fusion of the electric reel and the search circle. *The Search Maru screen can be used on all ships equipped with the Search Maru. *The ACCU-FISH® function can only be used on ships equipped with ACCU-FISH® compatible base units. TankenmaruScale-Color_RL_EL Tankenmaru scale Seabed water depth, seabed shape, and fish school information are displayed on the reel. Search Maru scale of simple fish finder function. The ever-changing three types of seabed change, "Flat", "Dropped down" and "Dropped up", are displayed in easy-to-read pictograms, making it easier to visualize the shape of the seabed. In addition, the seabed water depth display next to the pictogram is displayed in real time, so you can predict bottom picking, trace the seabed, and increase your fishing results without worrying about rooting. In addition, when a school of fish is detected, an alarm sounds and the depth of the school of fish display is switched to display the depth of the school of fish. *Seafloor water depth display can be used on all vessels equipped with Tankenmaru. * Fish school water depth display can only be used on ships equipped with ACCU-FISH® compatible master units. TankenmaruSystem_RL_EL Takkimaru correspondence It is an electric reel compatible with the Tankenmaru system that allows you to see the fish finder at the edge of the boat. Since it can be connected to the sub-machine of the Search Maru, there is no doubt that the fun of boat fishing will be upgraded. THERMOADJUSTDRAG_RL_EL Thermo-adjust drag control A control function that suppresses abnormal heat generation in the drag part to maintain stable drag performance. If the drag slips while the motor of the electric reel is on, the gear will idle and the drag will generate abnormal heat. To suppress this heat generation, the motor speed is automatically lowered when the drag is slipping. e-EXCITINGDRAGSOUND_RL_EL e-exciting drag sound The exciting drag sound has become an electronic sound. A sound that heats up the angler resounds. SA-RB_RL_EL S A-RB By applying a special anti-rust treatment to the bearing itself, the durability against rust has been greatly improved. S A-RB further seals the sides with anti-corrosion material, greatly reducing salt deposits due to salt recrystallization inside the bearing. RAKUSOKUMODE_RL_EL Rakuraku Mode/Constant Speed ​​Mode Rakuraku mode always winds up while maintaining a constant tension according to the load on the reel. It detects and adjusts sudden load fluctuations to prevent dislodgement and is also effective for eating fish. The constant speed mode maintains a constant speed regardless of the load on the reel. It is effective for slow winding at a constant speed or when you want to increase the winding power. FINEDOTLCD_RL_EL Fine dot LCD Dot LCD with excellent visibility and operability. KAISUIOK_RL_EL Sea water OK IDV_FEATURE_a075F00003zdNA8QAM_01 Enhanced gear system A gear system that uses ball bearings to achieve amazing durability. The system has been greatly strengthened, such as the reduction gear being supported by ball bearings, to achieve amazing durability. The synergistic effect with GIGA-MAX MOTOR realizes unprecedented winding strength, speed, and stability. Along with the highly durable brushless structure motor, it is a reinforced gear system to fight for a long time.

MODELProduct namegear ratioMaximum drag force (Kg)Weight (g)Spool diameter (mm)/width (mm)Thread winding amount Fluoro (No. -m)Yarn amount PE (No.-m)Maximum winding length (cm/1 rotation of handle)Handle length (mm)Number of bearings BB/rollerPractical winding endurance (Kg)Maximum hoisting speed (m/min)Practical hoisting speed (m/min) 1kg loadPractical hoisting speed (m/min) 3kg loadPractical hoisting speed (m/min) 5kg loadElectric cable total length (m)
22 BEAST MASTER 900090003.125148590/6212-700, 14-550, 16-5006-1100, 8-900, 10-650, 12-55088751420170150119962.5
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