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23 DAIWA SEAPOWER 800 High power electric with basic performance that can aim from mid-deep area to big game. A large electric reel with a powerful hoisting power that can target large fish such as yellowfin, amberjack, and ara from mid-deep water. Equipped with an ATD that continues to work smoothly on a large-diameter mega-torque motor, the maximum drag force is 30kg, which is attractive enough. The manual winding is equipped with an 80mm handle and an aluminum round knob, enabling powerful winding. In addition, the large electric reel "SEAPOWER" is now born, equipped with a dot liquid crystal counter with excellent visibility and equipped with basic performance with easy operation. Specification details image ■Megatorque motor "Marine Power 3000" and tuning of the same class motor. Daiwa's unique custom motor that emphasizes torque, yet has a smooth start-up due to the brush motor and excellent durability. Approximately 1.3 times the output power and speed compared to the conventional size ratio. Along with the quiet driving sound, it has a strong heart for catching, and goes to the ocean where big fish are lurking. image ■Easy operation You can proceed to the menu screen only with the menu button. A simple and large liquid crystal counter. 1. "Dot liquid crystal counter" with excellent visibility 2. Easy line input 3. Deca character 4.9 language switching (Japanese, English, Simplified, Traditional, Korean, Spanish, French, German, Italian) 5. m / ft switching 6.00 reset 7. ship verification stop image ■Dot LCD counter ・Menu screen announcements are clear, and manual settings are not required ・Big characters are highly visible and easy to read in the field,  even when using polarized glasses. ・No electric hoisting when the water depth is less than 00 ⇒Eliminates anxiety about entanglement ・D Beck is displayed when the power is turned on. image ■Large diameter 6mm line guide image ■Equipped with a new aluminum handle Handle length: 80mm Assists powerful winding when collecting.

MODELProduct namegear ratioWinding length (cm/handle 1 rotation)Weight (g)Maximum drag force (kg)PE MTMaximum hoisting force (kg)Normal hoisting speed at 1kg load (m/min)JAFS standard hoisting force (kg)JAFS standard speed (m/min)Bearing (ball/roller)
SEAPOWER 800 – RIGHT800592.11980306-800 / 8-600 / 10-500363 (402)120 (130)2814010+1
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