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21 DAIWA SEABORG 600MJ PE8-300m capacity that you can aim for the big dream of a hand-held size. Although it has a 500 size body of 970g, it has a line capacity of PE8-300m, and is a monster machine that can catch dream big fish such as yellowfin tuna and amberjack.

In terms of maneuverability, it boasts a 28kg "MAGMAX motor" that combines torque and instantaneous power, a comfortable shift mega power and mega speed "Mega Twin Pro", and a smooth and continuous tough drag "ATD".

In terms of operability, even when changing rod grips while standing, you can JOG with your left thumb and the power lever with your right hand. Equipped with an ``aluminum JOG power lever'' that allows you to follow the lead without giving up control, and a ``fall brake dial'' that instantly sets the falling speed. .

In terms of durability, the motor housing is made of aluminum and has a tough setting with excellent heat dissipation and durability. In addition, waterproof and durable technology ``MAGSEALED ball bearing'' is installed on the spool shaft axis that is most prone to tide damage, maintaining spool-free and initial winding performance.

The counter panel features large dot liquid crystal display with large letters that are highly visible and clearly visible even when wearing polarized glasses. "MEGA MONSTER MEGATWIN" continues to evolve in order to comfortably catch big fish.

Model Standard weight (g) Winding length (cm/1 rotation of handle) gear ratio Standard winding thread amount nylon (No. m) Standard winding thread amount PE (No. m) Bearing (ball/roller) Maximum drag force (kg) Maximum hoisting force (kg) Normal hoisting speed 1kg load (m/min) JAFS standard hoisting force (kg) JAFS standard hoisting speed (m/min)
Seaborg 600MJ 970 57 3.6 6-450_7-400_8-360 5-500_6-400_8-300 21/0 28 101 (112) Hi165 (180) Lo115 (125) twenty two Hi210_Lo140
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