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22 SHIMANO BEAST MASTER 2000 Outstanding power, speed and intelligence. There is no blind spot in its power. It winds up sharply and powerfully and stops instantly. The brushless motor GIGA-MAX MOTOR installed only in the Beastmaster features high power, high speed, high temperature resistance, long life, and excellent response. The motor characteristics that can be wound and stopped at will will be a great advantage in electric jigging and boat fishing. With a reinforced gear system that transmits its driving force linearly and allows it to be used continuously with high durability, the Beast Master 2000 can cover electric jigging, dropping, offshore squid and mid-deep areas with a line winding amount PE4 of 400m. Demonstrate outstanding performance in a variety of fishing. And NEW EJ mode (advanced mode, etc.) that makes use of the characteristics of GIGA-MAX MOTOR supports anglers in electric jigging such as yellowtail, amberjack, and albacore. In addition, the Tankenmaru screen displays real-time information such as water depth, seabed shape, tana, etc. Power, speed, intelligence, compact beast that stands out in all makes boat fishing even more fun. *The Search Maru Screen/Scale can be used on all ships equipped with the Search Maru base unit. The ACCU-FISH® function and fish school water depth display can only be used on ships equipped with ACCU-FISH® compatible master units. [About power supply] This product does not contain a lithium battery. In order to fully demonstrate the performance of the reel, we recommend using a large capacity battery (manufactured by our company: BT Master 11AH). KEY FEATURE key feature New possibilities for electric jigging and boat fishing. Electric reels continue to develop more diversely. Electric jigging, which can be said to be a symbol of that, is evolving with the expansion of the field, such as yellowtail, amberjack, and albacore, as the tackle and techniques are refined and evolving. Electric reels are required to have more power, speed, response and durability than before, and there are more scenes where various modes such as action are the decisive factor in fishing results. On the other hand, in boat fishing, dynamic drops, offshore squid, and mid-deep water depths are lined with popular targets such as red and black trout, and there is even a premonition that new targets will be born. A wide range of water depths, changing tides, power that can withstand the force of the target, speed that won't let you miss a chance, and durability. The Beast Master 2000, which achieves them at a high level and is equipped with information power and intelligence by the Tankenmaru screen, brings new possibilities and enjoyment to electric jigging and boat fishing. GIGA-MAX MOTOR & enhanced gear system. The GIGA-MAX MOTOR installed only in the Beastmaster is a brushless motor that exerts powerful power even at high temperatures. As the name suggests, this motor has no brushes and is characterized by its long life due to its structure. It is also used in racing cars and bullet trains, and features power, speed, durability, and excellent response performance. The good controllability that the spool stops suddenly when winding is stopped creates line slack in all situations of fishing, especially in electric jigging, and can produce a jig action that can be caught. The gear system that conveys the motor output to the spool is as important as the motor. The Beastmaster 2000 greatly strengthens the gear system, such as supporting the reduction gear with bearings, and achieves amazing durability. It corresponds to tough situations such as electric jigging, as well as dropping, offshore squid. Experience "caught" from "caught". With a minimum of line of sight movement, the search-maru screen displays color information on the search-maru, such as water depth, seabed shape, fish reactions such as schools and fish body length (accufish), and the trajectory of the tackle. Underwater information can be obtained in real time. Looking at the tip of the rod, looking at the line, and adding underwater information to the movement of the line of sight makes it more comfortable, more enjoyable, and supports the angler, just like the motor and drag performance. In addition, since the monitor placed on the reel is close to the angler's point of view, the visibility is good and you will not miss the detailed information displayed on the screen. This is a function that you will not want to let go of when you realize that you have caught a fish. *The Search Maru screen can be used on all ships equipped with the Search Maru. *The AccuFish function can only be used on ships equipped with AccuFish-compatible base units. Electric jigging function refined by actual fishing. Beastmaster 2000's NEW EJ mode is an advanced mode that allows you to consciously change the movement of the jig by selecting the strength of the jerk from H (High), M (Middle), and L (Low). Equipped with By selecting a certain hoisting speed, hoisting time, and freely directing the stop (fall) time, you can develop electric jigging that is closer to the feeling of hand-wound jigging than ever before. In addition, it is equipped with a manual jerk mode that allows electric hoisting while the PICK UP button is pressed. In addition, it is equipped with an auto jerk mode that allows you to freely set SPEED (hoisting speed), MOVE (hoisting time), and STOP (stopping time) as you like. In addition, all three modes are equipped with a one-pitch distance display function. You can grasp the distance hoisted for each one jerk. These functions also expand the possibilities of how to enjoy electric jigging, such as reproducibility and sharing of hit patterns. Also, the diameter of the level wind guide has been increased. A thicker leader (*) can be used compared to our conventional products. *Leader assumes 130lb (No. 40) or less. Electric reel usage explanation diagramElectric reel usage explanation diagram IMPRESSION impression In addition to the speed and power unique to electric jigging, it is now possible to produce the same technical performance as hand-wound jigging. HIDEYUKI MATSUOKA The Beastmaster 2000EJ has undergone a model change and has been reborn as the Beastmaster 2000. Up until now, there were 3 styles to choose from, but a new mode has been added, allowing you to choose from 4 styles. The advanced mode has been newly added to the previous three modes such as electric reeling jerk, manual jerk mode, and auto jerk mode. By selecting this mode, you can now select the strength of the jerk in three levels (L, M, H), which was not possible before, and you can now enjoy a variety of jigging more than ever before. As a guideline for selecting the strength of the jerk, select L when the tide is fast, and select H when the tide is slow and it is difficult to generate jig vibrations. doing. It is also important to select the strength of the jerk according to the shape of the jig. Basically, I think that H is easy to use for long and slim jigs, and L is easy to use for flat jigs. Regardless of the shape of the jig, choosing H will produce strong waves and give the jig a violent movement. If you choose L, you can give weak waves and gentle movements. Of course, for all of the above, you can expect an intermediate effect between L and H by choosing M. It can be said that the advanced mode makes it possible to produce the technical part that was done with hand-wound jigging by selecting the mode according to the situation, valuing the feeling transmitted to the hand. As an example of how to use each mode properly, I think that the electric reeling jerk is effective when you want to explore a wide range quickly. In my case, I often select this mode first for points and find out in what range it will attack. I think it's the most suitable for grasping the standard hit speed in all modes. Is the speed 23, 25, or 20? It's the easiest to understand for exploring a wide range, and it's less tiring. I think it's very suitable for exploring the situation first, such as buri jigging in doTERRA, yellowfin tuna around Phayao, and tonjigi. If you hit with this, you can continue as is, but if you often hit but it doesn't hit or doesn't stop, select manual mode. It feels like I'm going to make a space between eating from here. If you move the jig briskly to create a momentary bite, such as aiming for amberjack or amberjack, it is particularly effective for effective targets. It is also recommended to select the auto jerk mode when you roughly understand the hit pattern and develop highly reproducible fishing. It will change depending on the point, target, and how to sail the boat, but I think it's a good idea to create a standard for yourself and use different modes with the awareness of assembling a fishing pattern. It is an image of narrowing down the hit pattern by selecting the mode. There was a slight change in the sea, and I thought, oh, it's gone. It feels like the drawer of action patterns in me is increasing. Advanced mode is often used at the end of the day to give intentional changes to the jig's one action. It is similar to whether you wind the handle gently or sharply and strongly, and the advanced mode can produce this difference. It's amazing because you can control the jig's wave motion change and the movement to fly sideways. It is also possible to move it softly by rolling it gently. There are actually times when this movement works. It is also possible to control whether the jig bounces or not. It is effective to use this strength and weakness in any kind of fishing, but it is especially useful for fishing where adjusting the width to slide the jig is important, such as jigging for amberjack, and it is also powerful for aiming for root fish that attacks a fine range. I think that it will demonstrate Each EJ mode has one more new feature. It is a one-pitch distance display. This function displays the distance hoisted with one jerk. You can grasp how much the jig moved with one jerk. As a guideline, I think it's useful to have this information. The Beastmaster 2000 was also equipped with a Tankenmaru screen. You can see the screen of the search Maru on the LCD screen of the reel. The LCD is also in color, making it very easy to read. You can always see the image of the Tomimaru at hand, and you can check and understand the depth of the water, the shape of the seabed, the size of the school of fish, and the size of the fish. Images are instantly displayed on the LCD screen. I think that you can attack intuitively by fishing while looking at the screen of the Search Maru. You can also narrow down the range and attack the middle layer, which is difficult to explore, efficiently. I think it will be a great weapon. The size of the level wind guide diameter has also increased. This allowed the leader and mainline knots to pass smoothly. The reader supports up to 130lb (approximate). The knot part comes out more smoothly than ever before and doesn't get caught, so it's a lot less stressful. In bait fishing, there are many different types of gimmicks than jigging, so I think it will be a plus in a variety of situations. The essential conditions for supporting electric jigging, power and durability are inherited from the previous model. It is equipped with a gigamax motor and a reinforced gear system. The Gigamax motor is not only powerful, but also uses a brushless motor that rotates semi-permanently, which greatly contributes to the improvement of durability. In electric jigging, sometimes you have to raise and lower heavy jigs such as 400 and 500g at distances of 100m and 200m all day long. That's a lot of load on the motor and gear, but what makes this work possible is the Gigamax motor and reinforced gear system. Thanks to these two things, you can enjoy comfortable electric jigging with the Beastmaster 2000.

MODELProduct namegear ratioMaximum drag force (Kg)Weight (g)Spool diameter (mm)/width (mm)Thread winding amount Fluoro (No. -m)Yarn amount PE (No.-m)Maximum winding length (cm/1 rotation of handle)Handle length (mm)Number of bearings BB/rollerPractical winding endurance (Kg)Maximum hoisting speed (m/min)Practical hoisting speed (m/min) 1kg loadPractical hoisting speed (m/min) 3kg loadPractical hoisting speed (m/min) 5kg loadElectric cable total length (m)
22 BEAST MASTER 200020005.11569044/385-320, 6-2503-500, 4-400, 5-300706012+19.5215185168142
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