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20 SHIMANO BEAST MASTER 1000EJ Equipped with NEW touch drive & speed clutch for clear hand holding. A light beast equipped with EJ mode for electric jigging. Beastmaster's smallest size 1000 was born with EJ mode for electric jigging. Equipped with GIGA-MAX MOTOR, it achieves high power and high speed in a compact body. In addition, with a maximum drag force of 15 kg and a reinforced gear system, it has the performance and durability to face large blue objects. The NEW touch drive, which was first installed in the Beast Master series, prevents erroneous operation and adds an intermediate speed setting function that makes it easier to set the speed. In addition, it is equipped with a speed clutch that enables ON/OFF switching of the clutch by simply pressing the clutch lever. The S compact body, which has improved palming performance by arranging the cable connector on the handle side, supports a wide range of hard boat fishing such as spear squid, flying squid, amberjack, yellowtail, as well as electric jigging that requires hand-held power. . *The Search Maru scale can be used on all ships equipped with the Search Maru main unit. The fish school water depth display can only be used on ships equipped with ACCU-FISH® compatible master units. [About power supply] The product does not contain a lithium battery. In order to fully demonstrate the performance of the reel, we recommend using a large capacity battery (manufactured by our company: BT Master 11AH). The Beastmaster 1000EJ has a high palming performance, and you can wind it up and operate the clutch with one hand, so I definitely want to use it this season. Specifically, PE3 is used as the main line for 10kg blue-runners, and PE2 has a sufficient line capacity of 600m, so I think it will be useful for mid-deep water fishing. Like the Beastmaster 2000EJ, it has an EJ mode that supports electric jigging. In my case, I use the manual jerk mode a lot out of the EJ modes, but it is effective for a variety of fish because it can produce a jerk and fall action using line slack. Another mode, auto jerk mode is also active. The action of catching one fish can be repeated accurately from the next time, so you can extend your fishing results. If you use the same tackle, you can share information with your friends, so you can increase your fishing results with everyone. You can just hold it in your hand, but I think you can create a better movement by jerk the rod with the right timing. From now on, I think that I will enjoy electric jigging while using two reels, Beastmaster 1000EJ and Beastmaster 2000EJ. All functions are high-dimensional, cutting-edge all-rounder. Tatsuya Matsuda TATSUYA MATSUDA 1000EJ, the smallest in the series, has been added to the Shimano electric reel's highest peak Beastmaster. This reel is equipped with GIGA-MAX MOTOR like 2000EJ, and basic performance such as power, speed and drag force are almost the same. Furthermore, it is a model with improved one-hand operability by adopting "NEW touch drive" and "speed clutch". The NEW touch drive will not exceed the speed you set even if you push it, and you can change the setting according to the target fish and the sea conditions, so you can operate with leeway. A speed clutch is essential for frequent stripping. Combined with the search scale, it is very effective for capturing root fish such as tilefish, scorpion fish, and red tuna. For spear squid and Japanese flying squid that come up to the shallows during the spawning season, 1000 EJ is sufficient for reeling. It boasts a speed comparable to the 3000XS, so you can reel it in at once even when you want to reel in a blue fish. Various technologies are condensed in a compact body that is easy to palm, such as an EJ mode that supports jigging. The 1000 size is the most striking size in the Kanto area such as Tokyo Bay and Sagami Bay, and it seems to cover about 80% of fishing. In addition, I think that there are many places of activity in fields all over the country. If the performance is excellent, the lighter and smaller the tool, the more time you can spend in your hand, making fishing more enjoyable and comfortable. I even feel that this one is enough. FEATURE Features EJMODE_RL_EL EJ mode (manual jerk mode/auto jerk mode) Two modes for electric jigging. Manual jerk mode is a mode in which electric winding is possible while the PICK UP button is pressed. By combining hoisting time and rod work, you can control not only regular one-pitch jerk but also line slack, so various effects including fall are possible. Select the winding speed of PICK UP from 31 levels. Auto jerk mode allows you to freely set SPEED (hoisting speed), MOVE (hoisting time), and STOP (stopping time) as you like. You can jerk just by holding the rod in your hand, but by matching the jerk of the rod to the rhythm of the electric winding, you can produce more fascinating movements. Once you get a hit, you can produce the exact same pattern the next time, so you can not only hit yourself continuously, but also share the hit pattern with other anglers around you, and you can expect to improve the catch of the whole ship. GIGAMAXMOTOR_RL_EL gigamax motor A high-performance motor installed only in "Beast". Not only is it powerful at high temperatures, but it is also highly durable. This is a brushless motor that can exert powerful power even at high temperatures where motor performance tends to decline. A brushless motor is a motor that does not have a “brush,” which is a powdered solid substance such as carbon or copper, which is one of the parts that conducts current. Brushes wear out, so their absence also extends the life of the motor. You can imagine the high quality performance of "power", "speed" and "durability" from the fact that it is also used in racing cars and bullet trains. For reels equipped with GIGA-MAX MOTOR, we recommend using a large-capacity battery (BT Master 11AH) in order to fully demonstrate its performance. TOUCHDRIVE_RL_EL touch drive A touch drive that responds to the angler's will. Operability that evokes sensibility. The touch drive of the seesaw pressure-sensitive switch placed on the top of the reel allows you to adjust the speed in 31 steps with the pressure of your thumb, and it is also possible to shift by one speed each time you press it. You can operate freely. In addition, a new intermediate speed setting function has been added that allows instant winding at the desired speed with a single touch. Even in situations where the fish catches and the switch is pushed in, the hoisting speed does not exceed the set speed, so it is possible to avoid cuts in the mouth of horse mackerel, loose tension in shallow hooks, and broken lines in thin hooks. Can. In addition, the intermediate speed setting can be freely changed (upper limit) according to the angler's preference. TankenmaruScale-Mono_RL_EL Tankenmaru scale The bottom water depth, bottom shape, and fish school information are displayed on the reel. Search Maru scale of simple fish finder function. The ever-changing three types of seabed change, "Flat", "Dropped down" and "Dropped up", are displayed in easy-to-read pictograms, making it easy to imagine the shape of the seabed. In addition, the seabed water depth display next to the pictogram is displayed in real time, so you can predict bottom picking, trace the seabed, and increase your fishing results without worrying about rooting. In addition, when a school of fish is detected, an alarm sounds and the depth of the school of fish display is switched to display the depth of the school of fish. *Seafloor water depth display can be used on all vessels equipped with Tankenmaru. * Fish school water depth display can only be used on ships equipped with ACCU-FISH® compatible master units. TankenmaruSystem_RL_EL Takkimaru correspondence It is an electric reel compatible with the Tankenmaru system that allows you to see the fish finder at the edge of the boat. Since it can be connected to the sub-machine of the Search Maru, there is no doubt that the fun of boat fishing will be upgraded. SPEEDCLUTCH_RL_EL speed clutch Clutch ON/OFF can be switched by simply pressing the clutch lever. Since the clutch can be operated while the spool is thumbed, troublesome backlash is prevented. In addition, clutch switching can be performed quickly while holding the spool with your finger, so the target will not shift. SCOMPACTBODY_RL_EL S Compact body In addition to making the reel body more compact, the power cable connector is placed on the handle side, which is the opposite of the conventional product. Body shape design that can hold the reel firmly. Palming performance is improved and it can be operated comfortably. FIREMACHSYSTEM_RL_EL fire mach system High-speed drop performance opens up aggressive fishing. Many S A-RB (ball bearings) are placed on the main rotating shaft to smoothly reverse the large diameter spool. The high-speed drop performance that starts reversing with a low load ensures the same drop performance as the super free spool used for small electric reels. You can fish with light gimmicks and quickly reach the target shelf. THERMOADJUSTDRAG_RL_EL Thermo-adjust drag control A control function that suppresses abnormal heat generation in the drag part to maintain stable drag performance. If the drag slips while the motor of the electric reel is on, the gear will idle and the drag will generate abnormal heat. To suppress this heat generation, the motor speed is automatically lowered when the drag is slipping. e-EXCITINGDRAGSOUND_RL_EL e-exciting drag sound The exciting drag sound has become an electronic sound. A sound that heats up the angler resounds. CI4+_RL_EL CI4+ A new carbon material that evolved the lightweight carbon material CI4. The rigidity and durability have been greatly improved while maintaining the lightness, making it possible to reduce the size and weight of the reel. SA-RB_RL_EL S A-RB By applying a special anti-rust treatment to the bearing itself, the durability against rust has been greatly improved. S A-RB further seals the sides with an anti-corrosion material, greatly reducing salt deposits due to salt recrystallization inside the bearing. RAKUSOKUMODE_RL_EL Rakuraku Mode/Constant Speed ​​Mode Rakuraku mode always winds up while maintaining a constant tension according to the load on the reel. It detects and adjusts sudden load fluctuations to prevent dislodgement and is also effective for eating fish. The constant speed mode maintains a constant speed regardless of the load on the reel. It is effective for slow winding at a constant speed or when you want to increase the winding power. FINEDOTLCD_RL_EL Fine dot LCD Dot LCD with excellent visibility and operability. KAISUIOK_RL_EL Sea water OK

MODELProduct namegear ratioMaximum drag force (Kg)Weight (g)Spool diameter (mm)/width (mm)Thread winding amount Fluoro (No. -m)Yarn amount PE (No.-m)Maximum winding length (cm/1 rotation of handle)Handle length (mm)Number of bearings BB/rollerPractical winding endurance (Kg)Maximum hoisting speed (m/min)Practical hoisting speed (m/min) 1kg loadPractical hoisting speed (m/min) 3kg loadPractical hoisting speed (m/min) 5kg loadElectric cable total length (m)
20 BEAST MASTER 1000EJ – RIGHT1000EJ5.31570042/345-250, 6-2003-400, 4-300, 5-230707014+19.52151681541412.5
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