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23 DAIWA LEOBRITZ S500JP High-performance electric that combines the power of angry waves. In addition to large blue objects, squid, drop-in, you can aim at various targets such as light kinme and mutsu. Equipped with a BRITZ motor that produces electric shock power at the heart. In addition, the ATD drag that continues to work smoothly, the dot liquid crystal with excellent visibility, and the fall brake dial that can instantly adjust the falling speed of the device are also available. The JOG power lever does not give the initiative in every situation, JOG with the left thumb and the power lever with the right hand. Comfortable operation is possible with both handheld and standing rods. A power-oriented model that pursues cost performance. ■Power-oriented model based on 20LEOBRITZ 500JP and pursuing cost performance Comfortable one-handed operation "JOG power lever " Power of electric shock "BRITZ motor" * Winding power 1.2 times (compared to 17LEOBRITZ S500J) "ATD" that continues to work smoothly *Drag MAX 16kg "Dot LCD" with excellent operability and visibility * Supports deca characters and polarized glasses * Switchable between 5 languages ​​(Japanese / English / Traditional Chinese / Simplified Chinese / Korean) * Constant speed winding mode added Instantly set the fall speed "Fall brake dial" Quiet design "belt drive" DAIWA TECHNOLOGY ■ JOG power lever Improved operability JOG SYSTEM (1) Operate the JOG lever with the  left thumb. In addition, the finger grip has been revised to improve operability. (2) Operate the power lever by pinching it with your right thumb/index finger  . Comfortable operation even when using gloves in cold climates. ■ Fall brake dial Instantly set the falling speed of the gimmick with dial operation. Encourages the attachment of bait in drop fishing, and captures the mid-layer reaction of dried squid in the fall. *There is no reference sticker included. ■ ATD A new generation drag system that operates smoothly according to the pull of the fish and continues to work smoothly. For small spinning and electric reels, we pursue the start and followability. A setting that suppresses the drop in drag force during a fight with large spinning such as Saltiga. Both were developed with the goal of being able to concentrate on fighting without worrying about drag settings. ■ MAGMIGHT structure [magmite structure] A structure that maximizes the power of the motor by making full use of the limited space in the electric reel. Achieves Hi power Hi speed in a small space. In addition, the cooling effect of the motor has been improved, contributing to further improvement of the motor drive efficiency. ■ FF structure [FF structure] Front motor structure that design the reel to low profile by placing the motor, which should be called the engine of the electric reel, in front of the spool, making it easy to hold and use the reel. In addition, a level wind was placed between the motor and the spool to enable a more compact design. ■ SYNCHRO LEVEL WIND [Synchro level wind] Ultra spool free, in which the spool rotates smoothly even with a light load, is effective in squid fishing where the falling speed of the gimmick determines the game, and fishing using light gimmicks. However, if the position of the thread and the level wind is misaligned when the tackle is dropped, the load will naturally slow down and the thread will be damaged. All Daiwa's electric models are equipped with a synchronized level wind function that moves the level wind left and right according to the line release. Since no extra load is applied, it realizes smooth and high-speed drop of the device. Other functions and specification details ■ Dot liquid crystal counter ・Big characters with excellent visibility ・Clearly visible even when wearing polarized glasses ・Line input and various function settings do not require manual operation (1) Press the PICK UP (left) and MEMO (right) switches for 2 seconds and to the menu screen (2) Scroll with the power lever to go to various setting screens ・5 languages ​​(Japanese/English/Traditional Chinese/Simplified Chinese/Korean) switchable ■Menu screen ・Line input (P1/P2/P3) ・Sub-counter (from the bottom/speed/time) ・Stop boat burr ・Line feed ・Short winding/jerking ・Timer winding ・Fukase mode ・Alarm sound ・Constant speed Winding , water depth correction , actual fishing history , Language (Japanese/English/Traditional Chinese/Simplified Chinese/Korean) , unit (m/ft) Other functions and specifications function Features ■ One-push ON clutch You can easily put the clutch in the hand holding the rod. A mechanism that can quickly remove diligent tuna in combination with a one-hand clutch. ■ Aluminum die-cast body Body material with high rigidity and little deformation. Firmly receives the drive section including the MAGMAX motor and supports powerful fights. ■ Belt drive Quietness, light weight, and high efficiency are achieved by transmitting power from the motor to the spool via a belt instead of a gear. ■ Infinite Eliminates rattling of the handle when winding by hand, realizing a firm and smooth winding feeling like a hand-wound reel. You can more comfortably operate when inviting or taking in a little. ■ Constant speed winding mode A function that reduces looseness by always hoisting with the same tension. ■Electric slow winding A function that allows "slow winding", which is said to be an effective technique for various target fish. Of the electric winding speed adjustment, set the speed at low speed to slow. ■ Display correction function A function that can be easily corrected during actual fishing when the counter display deviates from the thread color. ■ Counter from top/ bottom Since the water depth can be measured from both the top and the bottom, accurate fishing is possible in any situation and fishing. ■ Short winding / short stop switch A short winding that winds at the set speed just by pressing the switch when removing tana or thread dander. Set to both by mode selection. ■ Master Shakuri / Shakuri Switch A convenient function that invites you to the electric reel. The width, waiting time, and range of the jerking pattern can be freely selected. ■ Fukase mode Dedicated system convenient for hook fishing, such as Atari Alarm, Hook Click, and Fishing Tana Memory. ■ Komasetaimu & Komasetimer winding You can set the time from when you put in a device to when you retrieve it, and you can make accurate returns. With the timer display function, you can accurately grasp the time to put the device in. ■ Hoisting speed actual value display Function to display the actual winding speed. Useful as a guideline for speed when winding. ■ Selectable boat stop A function that automatically stops winding when the set length is reached during electric winding. If you set it to a length that is convenient for taking in, you can double the return efficiency and help prevent entanglement, which is the main cause of rod damage. ■ Slow boat stop A function that prevents disassembly due to impact by stopping slowly when the electric hoisting stops at the ship's side. ■ Yarn feed mechanism A function that assists the rotation of the spool that ejects the thread by rotating the motor gear in reverse when the device is dropped. In combination with Ultra Spool Free, it is effective for fishing where you want to drop the device as soon as possible. ■ Washable It can be washed with water using a neutral detergent (however, washing by submerging it in water and hot water is strictly prohibited). ■Alarm ON/OFF ON / OFF switching of alarm switch sound is possible. ■ Memory backup function A backup function that memorizes the contents set in the mode for the next fishing trip.

MODELProduct namegear ratioWinding length (cm/handle 1 rotation)Weight (g)Maximum drag force (kg)PE MTMaximum hoisting force (kg)Normal hoisting speed at 1kg load (m/min)JAFS standard hoisting force (kg)JAFS standard speed (m/min)Bearing (ball/roller)
23 LEOBRITZ S500JP – RIGHTS500JP553.6800164-500 / 5-400 / 6-30075 (83)135 (150)151708+1
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