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    Special model for electric slow jigging SMALL MONSTER 2 Based on the SEABORG 200J, it is equipped with the functions required for electric slow jigging, and is a specially designed model that comfortably captures deep-sea deep-sea akamutsu, kurotsu, and high-grade root fish. For manual winding operation, aluminum barrel type knob on 85-95mm variable handle arm that winds the jig firmly. Achieves comfortable retrieval in combination with 60cm of one rotation by increasing the gear ratio. In addition, the fall brake dial that induces a bite in the fall can be operated with one thumb. For electric operation, it is equipped with an aluminum JOG power lever for comfortable one-handed operation. Even with wet fingertips or gloves, with a single thumb, shelving, invitation, swirling, recovery and comfortable winding operation are realized. For drag, MAX 6kg ATD that keeps working smoothly is adopted to prevent dryness. Extensive dedicated design makes slow jigging in the deep sea a more comfortable world. *Jig weight: Supports up to 400g DAIWA TECHNOLOGY image ■85-95mm variable handle arm/aluminum barrel type knob Long arm and barrel type knob that is easy to grip and allows you to wind the jig firmly image ■Fall brake dial A brake system that controls the fall speed of the jig with one thumb. Induces fish bite in the fall and prevents backlash (perm due to dandruff). image ■Aluminum JOG Power Lever Aluminum cutting provides excellent grip performance, making hoisting operations more comfortable even with wet fingertips or when wearing gloves. In addition, more delicate operations and shavings are possible compared to current resin products.

    ModelloProduct nameMANOVELLAGear ratioweight gdrag force (kg)PE Braided (No.-m)PE Nylon (No.-m)Maximum Force KGRegular hoisting speed 1kg load (m/min)JAFS standard hoisting force (kg)JAFS standard hoisting speed (m/min)
    DAIWA 18 SEABORG 200J-SJ200J-SJManovella Destra5.657061-600 1.2-500 1.5-45014/01/2040038 (42)152 (168)9190
    DAIWA 18 SEABORG 200J-SJ200JL-SJManovella Sinistra5.657061-600 1.2-500 1.5-45014/01/2040038 (42)152 (168)9190

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