Next-generation world standard. The world changes, DAIWA changes. This season, 2020, the final phase of the second generation of TATULA, 20TATULA SV TW, will be fully released. While wearing the compact body of 19 TATULA TW, which can be said to be Phase 1 of last season, the SV concept is loaded in the engine part, and the synergistic effect with TWS pursues further versatile performance. It's time for the headquarters of the world strategic bomber to fly. Its own weight is really 190g. Marked the lightest number in TATULA history. It has also succeeded in making it 0.5 mm long and 3.4 mm wide compared to its predecessor, the 17 TATULA SV TW. While adopting a tough super metal frame made of aluminum, it breaks the established theory of "tough machine = 200g over" and achieves a feeling of size that is no longer comparable to high-end models that advocate lightweight compactness. The palming feeling that fits firmly in the palm of your hand, combined with its lightness, greatly improves operability and lightness. In addition, coupled with the offset 85mm AL press handle, the rotational movement near the central axis does not shake and is directly connected to reliable winding. The biggest feature of the internal structure is the φ32mm extra super duralumin SV spool. As an SV versatile machine that has stepped into the area of ​​bait finesse, it is equipped with a spool of the same diameter as the SV LIGHT LTD, which was a hot topic last season. Detuned to the bobbin surface of the deep groove, catching 2g of smoraba in the range, the maximum weight shows a wide range corresponding to big bait, and it is excellently compatible with the PE line. I have acquired a full range of specifications suitable for the name of Versatile. The first generation is a global strategic machine called TATULA, which has been developed with a view to the global market. While maintaining the tough concept pedigree that has been passed down from the first generation, the breakthrough of the predecessor 17 TATULA SV TW, which has sharpened its versatile performance, changed the eyes of the world. The ability to handle lightweight lures and the compactness were not the merits that only domestic users wanted. Japan is one of the most fierce battlefields for bass fishing in the world. Polished by anglers with solid eyes, usability continues to improve dramatically. The reborn 20 TATULA SVTW, so to speak, a new chapter in the genealogy of famous machines. Bait Reel THE World Standard, this time it's the turn to send from Japan to the world.

    CODEMODELProduct nameManovellaWinding length cmGear ratioStandard own weight grMaximum drag force KGStandard spool amount Nylon (lb-m)Bearings / rollers
    4960652310499DAIWA 20 TATULA SV TW103HManovella destra636.3190Five16-40-80 14-45-907 1
    4960652310543DAIWA 20 TATULA SV TW103HLManovella sinistra636.3190Five16-40-80 14-45-907 1
    4960652310550DAIWA 20 TATULA SV TW103SHManovella destra717.1190Five16-40-80 14-45-907 1
    4960652310758DAIWA 20 TATULA SV TW103SHLManovella sinistra717.1190Five16-40-80 14-45-907 1
    4960652310765DAIWA 20 TATULA SV TW103XHManovella destra818.1190Five16-40-80 14-45-907 1
    4960652310772DAIWA 20 TATULA SV TW103XHLManovella sinistra818.1190Five16-40-80 14-45-907 1
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