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Freestyle DC that has evolved further with a low inertia spool. Freestyle bait reel for various fishing. By updating to the Magnum Light Spool, high cast performance is achieved. By further deepening the groove and increasing the line capacity, the adjustment range of the fishing species has been expanded. The drive center is a powerful micro module gear with little winding noise. With the I-DC5 brake, even if the lure suddenly stalls, the appropriate braking force can be obtained instantly. We also have a lineup of normal gear with a gear ratio of 6.2, HG (high gear) of 7.4 and XG (extra high gear) of 8.5, and you can enjoy bass, sea bass and rock fish. The "Scorpion DC" is equipped with a Magnum Light Spool that has been thinned and has a blanking on the body diameter and sides. Due to the low inertia derived from its lightness, the flight distance has been greatly increased. In addition, by increasing the line capacity from the previous model's 14lb-100m to 16lb-100m, the freestyle property is further improved. Not only for bass, but also for various fishing such as sea bass and rock fish. The line capacity has increased, it is now compatible with seawater, and the impression is that it is more versatile. The lightweight MGL spool allows the lure to fly very well, and the rotation rises at once and the trajectory is extended. The smoothness of winding is attracting attention for micro module gears, but it is durable because it has a larger contact area than normal gears, and the winding comfort is also powerful. Flying well and tough. We want you to enjoy various kinds of fishing such as bass, sea bass, rock fish, light jigging, and trout. Cast performance and winding feel have evolved. It's a reel that you can enjoy various things with one unit.

21 SCORPION DC 151-LEFT 151 LEFT 6.2:1 / 66 cm 7 1 12lb-130 – 14lb-110 – 16lb-100 215g 5,5 Kg
21 SCORPION DC 151HG-LEFT 151HG LEFT 7.4:1 / 79 cm 7 1 12lb-130 – 14lb-110 – 16lb-100 215g 5,5 Kg
21 SCORPION DC 151XG-LEFT 151XG LEFT 8.5:1 / 91 cm 7 1 12lb-130 – 14lb-110 – 16lb-100 225g 5,5 Kg
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