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Apia Grandage Brute Apia Grandage Brute

Apia Grandage Brute

<p>The new Apia Grandage Brute lineup has been rebuilt to specialize in the roles assigned to each approach and method, including short, medium, and long distance. The length, action, joint, and balance that we arrived at as a result of investigating the feeling of use. Although it is versatile in terms of the target situation, water depth, and lure, it has a finish that pursues the ideal. The model Grandage Brute AMADEUS S72 MLFinesse to challenge impregnable challenges With the recent increase in the number of rockfish gamers, easily accessible fishing ports are becoming tougher. In addition to being under pressure, the fish also learn, and there is a need for techniques that will allow the fish, which have become geniuses, to react without any discomfort. What can the rod assist with? Overwhelming sensitivity aids in transmitting sensory information, and flexible bending allows you to bring the fish closer without making it go wild. The most delicate tip in the series senses the water, moves the light rig at will, and catches it when hooked. You'll understand the advantages you can get from the images and sensations that come to your mind the moment you hold this rod in your hands. Target: greenling, black sea lion Situation: harbor, boat. The model Grandage Brute BELLE EPOQUE S86ML Aesthetics in an orthodox length The Brute'HR LONG EXPRESS 90ML, a mid-spec model aimed at medium to long distances, was the lineup most likely to be used in the field. The new model has a wider strike zone and increased flight distance. Moreover, it is upwardly compatible with the length of 86. Sharpness leads to instantaneousness, and a blank with a polished start-up before hooking will allow you to seize even more opportunities. BRUTE's mid-spec 86M, which has been switched to offensive tactics, is a classic yet innovative rod equipped with cutting-edge materials. Target: greenling, black rockfish, grouper, flatfish Situation: harbor, embankment The model Grandage Brute STRETCH FOUR S88MH Tactics to expand attack space with rods What is utility in the pheasant game? In grouper games at fishing ports, the basic idea is to aim at areas with changes such as feet or artificial objects, offshore roots, and cover. Any area that the rig can reach can be a hit area, but if you can land it on a pin spot and attract it, the probability will naturally increase. What do you look for in a rod? Accurate casting performance for well-aimed cover shooting, and power to drag you out of your home. Furthermore, it is essential to have a response that picks up unexpected bites in the bottom, middle, and hit zones that change depending on the activity. We have created a power all-round rod that can be used for fishing that requires a variety of approaches, such as lift and fall, swimming, and sometimes vertical hole fishing. Target: Yellow-bellied grouper, giant grouper, greenling Situation: harbor, embankment, rocky shore Length: 2.642 (8'8")  Lure: 7-42g Line: #1-2.5 Weight: 142g Material: TORAYCA® M40X / T1100G / M46J / M40J / T800S /NANOALLOY®technology Joint: NANO JOINT Guide: Fuji Stainless Steel Frame SiC-S Reel Seat: Down Lock . The model Grandage Brute BULL CHASER S96H Genealogy of one of the best power fighters in the series, “BULL” The Brute'HR pheasant grouper rod has the name BULL on it. The power fight model that inherits the BULL name has been reborn. The roughness of the bull reminds me of a serious fight on a rocky shore. The blank design is designed to maintain the power of a 50UP yellowtail grouper, and in addition to being overwhelmingly strong enough to handle even high scaffolding, it is also lightweight thanks to the material used. A new era of power fighters that consolidate the elements required for grouper games on the rocky shore, tearing them out from the roots and controlling them without giving them any initiative. When you take on a big game, you should have a BULL CHASER in your hand. Target: Yellow-bellied grouper, giant grouper Situation: Rocky shore, embankment. The model Grandage Brute THE UNEXPLORER S911MH Dynamism that invites you to uncharted territory Go further. Throughout history, humankind has faced challenges in various fields. The latest long-throw model is equipped with "M40X" and "T1100G" and can be said to be the only one that uses the world's highest quality materials at this stage. Physically, the repulsive force and strength values ​​are on a different level than before, and we have created the best balance by specializing in making them fly. Although it is 9 feet 11 inches long, it is unusually light. Despite this, everyone will be surprised by the rod's strength and power, but the energy that overflows from it. To the unexplored land of UNEXPLORER. In the category of ``long-throw rods,'' it can be said that it is the final product at the moment, not just in terms of length. Target: Greenling, grouper, flounder, flatfish Situation: Embankment, surf, rocky shore.</p><table><thead class="pestit"><tr><td>Modello</td><td>Lenght</td><td>Sezioni</td><td>Ingombro</td><td>peso</td><td>Casting</td><td>PE</td></tr></thead><tbody class="pestxt"><tr><td>AMADEUS S72ML</td><td>7’2’ (2,18 m)</td><td>2</td><td>113 cm</td><td>108 g</td><td>3-14 gr</td><td>0.4-1</td></tr><tr><td>BELLE EPOQUE S86M</td><td>8’6’ (2,59 m)</td><td>2</td><td>133 cm</td><td>120 g</td><td>5-32 g</td><td>0.6-1.2</td></tr><tr><td>STRETCH FOUR S88MH</td><td>8’8’ (2,64 m)</td><td>2</td><td>136 cm</td><td>142 g</td><td>7-42 g</td><td>1-2.5</td></tr><tr><td>BULL CHASER S96H</td><td>9’6’ (2,89 m)</td><td>2</td><td>149 cm</td><td>182 g</td><td>14-56 g</td><td>1-4</td></tr><tr><td>THE UNEXPLORE S911MH</td><td>9’11’ (3,02)</td><td>2</td><td>155 cm</td><td>165 g</td><td>12-45 g</td><td>0.8-2</td></tr></tbody></table>
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<p>Apia Grandage NORTHERN LIGHTS 106ML is a model specialized for minnow jerking. The repulsive force generated by TORAYCA® M40X and T1100G not only improves flight distance, but also creates a moderate line slug during jerking, which amplifies the minnow's jerk width. In particular, the 106ML uses a unique rod action to absorb the movement of cherry salmon that tend to get cut. The new Northern Lights 106ML is designed specifically for sea cherry salmon, made possible by Jarkman's experience and Toray's new materials. Target: Sea cherry salmon, sea sweet trout. The model Apia Grandage NORTHERN LIGHTS 110M is compatible with not only minnow jerking, but also metal jigs and jig minnows. Equipped with new materials TORAYCA® M40X and T1100G to sharply swing through bad weather such as wind speeds exceeding 10 m in winter. There is not much difference in action and power level compared to 106ML, but 110M has about 20% higher breaking strength. We recommend the 110M for anglers who want to cover everything from minnows to metal jigs with one rod and approach farther. Target: Sea cherry salmon, sea sweet trout</p><table><thead class="pestit"><tr><td>Modello</td><td>Lenght</td><td>Sezioni</td><td>Ingombro</td><td>peso</td><td>Casting</td><td>PE</td></tr></thead><tbody class="pestxt"><tr><td>NORTHERN LIGHTS 106ML</td><td>10’6’ (3,20 m)</td><td>2</td><td>164,5 cm</td><td>155 g</td><td>8-40 g</td><td>0.6-1.5</td></tr><tr><td>NORTHERN LIGHTS 110M</td><td>11’ (3,35 m)</td><td>2</td><td>172,1 cm</td><td>170 g</td><td>10-50 g</td><td>0.6-1.5</td></tr></tbody></table>
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Apia Grandage Naval Apia Grandage Naval

Apia Grandage Naval

<p>The GRANDAGE NAVAL Silver Scale is A series specializing in boat sea bass games. The GRANDAGE NAVAL SILVER SCALE series is a series that specializes in sea bass games from boats. Unlike Okappari, it was a long time ago that playing sea bass on a boat was easy. In recent years, not only the timing but also accurate casting techniques have a decisive influence on fishing results. So, will the rod become more elastic? If you ask me, that's also different. In boat games where the footing is unstable, the absorption capacity of the rod is a major factor in preventing hookouts. The Silver Scale blank has a material composition that has never been seen before, and it will be the guiding light for a new era of boat games. It has all the necessary elements for boat sea bass, such as the ability to accurately cast distance even with short stroke casts, and the blank power that allows you to easily control ranker sea bass. S68ML is a next-generation boat sea bass rod that allows you to experience the unprecedented zone with T1100G. Target: sea bass, sagoshi, black sea bream. The Apia Grandage Naval Seafarer is a model with infinite targets. Worldwide almighty series. The GRANDAGE NAVAL SEAFARER is a series that can match any target that can be aimed at in coastal boat games. It is characterized by a very wide capacity that can cover not only sea bass, but also Spanish mackerel, which has become very popular in recent years, bluefish casting games, and overseas fishing such as barramundi. SEAFARER means "sea traveler". It will be the perfect companion for your journey. The casting game for Spanish mackerel has become popular in recent years. A method has been established for making full casts from the boat, using jerking minnows to lure fish, and making them eat. So, what are the elements required in a boat casting rod? Seafarer S76M is equipped with all the answers. The length is 7ft 6in for maximum flight distance on board and easy jerking. In order to create the perfect slug for jerking, we have adopted a blank that combines advanced materials called "T1100G x M40X", which is the only one in the NAVAL series. The performance dimension is different from the conventional "rod with just the right length and power for Spanish mackerel casting." The S76M, which targets not only Spanish mackerel but also large seabass and medium-sized blue fish, is sure to become one of the leading inshore casting rods in the future. <iframe width="920" height="518" src="https://www.youtube.com/embed/8iWmvgn4ejE" title="【連発!】人気沸騰中の東京湾サワラゲームをGRANDAGE NAVALを使って実釣解説!" frameborder="0"></iframe></p> <table> <thead class="pestit"> <tr> <td>Modello</td> <td>Lenght</td> <td>Sezioni</td> <td>Ingombro</td> <td>peso</td> <td>Casting</td> <td>PE</td> </tr> </thead> <tbody class="pestxt"> <tr> <td>SILVER SCALE S68ML</td> <td>6’8’ /2,03 m)</td> <td>2</td> <td>105,5 cm</td> <td>110 g</td> <td>3-25 g</td> <td>0.6-1.2</td> </tr> <tr> <td>SEAFRER S76M</td> <td>7’6’ (2,29 m)</td> <td>2</td> <td>118,3 cm</td> <td>130 g</td> <td>6-35 g</td> <td>0.8-2</td> </tr> </tbody> </table>
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Apia Foojin RS Apia Foojin RS

Apia Foojin RS

<p>Le caratteristiche principali delle Apia Foojin'RS sono "nitidezza nel passare le informazioni" e "flessibilità". Abbiamo creato un fusto che combina queste due caratteristiche contraddittorie ad un livello più alto che mai. La "nitidezza" porta direttamente a maggiore distanza di lancio, miglior controllo dell'esca e nessuna sfocatura: ossia massima precisione in ferrata. La "flessibilità" porta alla "Seguibilità = ossia all'assecondare le fughe del pesce e "Facilità di piegamento garantisce una Distanza di volo vicina al MAX con poco input." Foojin'RS raggiunge entrambi ad un livello senza precedenti. Ciò che ha reso tutto ciò possibile è l'esistenza del carbonio TORAYCA® di terza generazione "M40X" e "T1100G". La fibra di carbonio, che ha un elevato modulo di elasticità e la resistenza più alta al mondo, è combinata con la tecnologia "NANO ALLOY" che fornisce flessibilità, determinando una eccellente evoluzione dei materiali di carbonio. Questo nuovo materiale, utilizzato per la prima volta in Foojin'Z 5th Generation, è completamente incorporato anche in Foojin'RS. "M40X" Fibra di carbonio altamente elastica da 40 t con sorprendente "sensibilità" e "operabilità" che elimina qualsiasi vibrazione. Il materiale più recente destinato all'uso nei razzi spaziali e negli aerei di ultima generazione. Perseguendo il massimo sia in termini di modulo elastico che di resistenza, la resistenza alla compressione è stata migliorata del 30% pur mantenendo lo stesso modulo elastico dell'M40J. Il materiale è il #2574 (nanolega), che migliora le prestazioni di repellenza e la velocità durante il lancio. "T1100G" Fibra di carbonio con la classe di resistenza più alta al mondo. Fibra di carbonio media elasticità 33t. È una fibra di carbonio sviluppata per razzi, F1 e applicazioni aerospaziali di prossima generazione e attualmente vanta la più alta resistenza alla trazione di qualsiasi fibra di carbonio al mondo. Oltre alla resistenza, è un materiale che accelera la velocità dell'asta durante la fusione e fornisce flessibilità nella flessione, e la resina è n. 2574 (nanolega). NANO JOINT è un nuovo sistema di giunzione sviluppato da Apia che elimina la tensione sullo snodo, punto debole delle canne in due pezzi. Adottando la tecnologia NANO ALLOY® nella parte di giunzione, abbiamo ottenuto una curva di piegatura quanto più vicina possibile a quella di un singolo pezzo. Inoltre, i giunti sono rifiniti con lucidatura ad altissima precisione da 2 a 5 mm per evitare che si allentino durante la pesca. L'"APIA Palm Grip" installato su Foojin'RS è un grip progettato in modo che non vi sia spazio tra il palmo e il materiale EVA durante la presa. Alzando leggermente la schiena, puoi ottenere una buona vestibilità. Inoltre, il cappuccio del portamulinello utilizza materiale in gomma termoretraibile che trasmette una solida sensibilità alla punta delle dita.</p> <table> <thead class="pestit"> <tr> <td>Modello</td> <td>Lenght</td> <td>Montaggio</td> <td>Sezioni</td> <td>Ingombro</td> <td>peso</td> <td>Casting</td> <td>PE</td> <td>Rings</td> </tr> </thead> <tbody class="pestxt"> <tr> <td><strong>SPRINGER 88 ML</strong></td> <td>8’8’ (2,64 m)</td> <td>Spinning</td> <td>2</td> <td>135 cm</td> <td>140 g</td> <td>3-32 gr</td> <td>0.6-1.5</td> <td>Fuji SiC</td> </tr> <tr> <td><strong>LYNX 93M</strong></td> <td>9’3’ (2,81 m)</td> <td>Spinning</td> <td>2</td> <td>145 cm</td> <td>160 g</td> <td>6-42 g</td> <td>0.8-2</td> <td>Fuji SiC</td> </tr> <tr> <td><strong>DESIRE 95MH</strong></td> <td>9’5’ (2,87 m)</td> <td>Spinning</td> <td>2</td> <td>148 cm</td> <td>170 g</td> <td>12-50 g</td> <td>1-2.5</td> <td>Fuji SiC</td> </tr> <tr> <td><strong>VIVOGUE 96ML</strong></td> <td>9’6’ (2,89 m)</td> <td>Spinning</td> <td>2</td> <td>149 cm</td> <td>163 g</td> <td>6-38 g</td> <td>0.8-2</td> <td>Fuji SiC</td> </tr> <tr> <td><strong>SKY HIGH 99M</strong></td> <td>9'9' (2,97 m)</td> <td>Spinning</td> <td>2</td> <td>152 cm</td> <td>170 g</td> <td>8-42 g</td> <td>0.8-2</td> <td>Fuji SiC</td> </tr> <tr> <td><strong>BELUGA 105MH</strong></td> <td>10'5' (3,17 m)</td> <td>Spinning</td> <td>2</td> <td>163 cm</td> <td>190 g</td> <td>14-50 g</td> <td>1.2-2.5</td> <td>Fuji SiC</td> </tr> <tr> <td><strong>ARLEQUIN C79MH</strong></td> <td>7'9' (2,36 m)</td> <td>Casting</td> <td>2</td> <td>122 cm</td> <td>150 g</td> <td>15-65 g</td> <td>1.5-4</td> <td>Fuji SiC</td> </tr> <tr> <td><strong>PRELUDE C88M</strong></td> <td>8'8' (2,64 m)</td> <td>Casting</td> <td>2</td> <td>135 cm</td> <td>158 g</td> <td>10-50 g</td> <td>1.5-4</td> <td>Fuji SiC</td> </tr> <tr> <td><strong>BARBARIAN C90MH </strong></td> <td>9’0’ (2,74 m)</td> <td>Casting</td> <td>2</td> <td>141 cm</td> <td>190 g</td> <td>20-70 g</td> <td>2-5</td> <td>Fuji SiC</td> </tr> </tbody> </table> <p><strong>SPRINGER 88 ML</strong> Bay Versatile per tutto, dalla finezza ai giochi di wading. Un modello speciale per la parte interna della baia. Questo modello è adatto a tutto, dalle esche leggere alle esche superiori a 1 oncia, e ha una finitura estremamente affilata per ottenere la precisione di tiro. Un modello versatile che può essere utilizzato per qualsiasi cosa, dalle tecniche ultra leggere e la pesca immersa in acqua con i wader. Situazione: porto, golfo, fiume di piccole e medie dimensioni.</p> <p><strong>LYNX 93M</strong> Modello base RS "leggero" "potente" "altamente bilanciato" Un modello base della RS facile da usare ovunque. Ha una punta in grado di gestire esche leggere e una fusto che può facilmente strappare pesci di grosse dimensioni. Il leggero e altamente bilanciato LYNX 93M offre un diverso livello di agilità anche durante i lunghi giochi di recupero delle prede. Situazione: porto, alta marea, fiume da piccolo a grande.</p> <p><strong>DESIRE 95MH</strong> L'ultima versione del modello ranking che svolge solo le funzioni necessarie Canna medio pesante da 9 piedi e 5 pollici. È un modello da caccia alla spigola con una lunghezza altamente versatile che può essere vista semplicemente guardando le specifiche. La caratteristica più importante del Desire 95MH è la punta che lavora al meglio senza intoppi. Nonostante sia una canna potente, è leggera e ti permette di continuare a lanciare senza sforzare e consumare energie. Questa è l'ultima generazione del modello Ranker, che ha fatto un passo avanti eliminando gli eccessi e perseguendo solo le funzioni necessarie. Situazione: Fiumi medi e grandi, contro pesci di grandi dimensioni.</p> <p><strong>VIVOGUE 96ML</strong> ha un livello di potenza del fusto che superano le specifiche standard classiche di una 96ML. Il fusto da 96ML ha una punta delicata ed è altamente flessibile, è un modello estremamente versatile indipendentemente dalla stagione o dalla regione, dalle micro esche primaverili alla stagione autunnale dei grossi branzini. Situazione: Porto, fiume da piccolo a grande, pianura di marea</p> <p><strong>SKY HIGH 99M.</strong> Il grezzo più perfomante che persegue distanza e precisione. Dotato di T1100G e M40X, questo modello enfatizza la nitidezza e persegue distanza e precisione. Sebbene sia lungo quasi 10 piedi, ha la stessa sensazione operativa della prima metà di 9 piedi. Un modello versatile e altamente adattabile alle esche jerking grazie all'elevata resilienza del carbonio TORAYCA® di terza generazione. Situazione: porto, fiume da piccolo a grande, piana di marea</p> <p><strong>BELUGA 105MH</strong> Innovativo modello per lunghe distanze creato con nuovi materiali. Un modello efficace in situazioni in cui sono richieste lunghe distanze, come il surf e i grandi fiumi. Sebbene sia un grezzo flessibile, ha una forza elevata per spingere fuori l'esca e il tremolio della punta si stabilizza rapidamente dopo il lancio, quindi puoi effettuare lanci più lunghi con circa il 60% della forza. Adatto ad una vasta gamma di target, non solo spigole, ma anche serra e pesci azzurri. Situazione: grande fiume, surf, costa rocciosa</p> <p><strong>ARLEQUIN C79MH</strong> <strong>MODELLO CASTING</strong> Sharp</p> <p><iframe width="640" height="360" style="background-image:url(&quot;img/object.gif&quot;);" src="https://www.youtube.com/embed/w0kccKmDBu4" title="Foojin'RS【CM】" frameborder="0"></iframe></p>
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<p>A power model that specializes in rocky shore blackfin seabass and supports even medium-sized blue-backed fish. The GRANDAGE ATLAS BLACKFIN series consists of a lineup with stronger repulsive force and power than conventional blackfin seabass rods. The rocky shore blackfin seabass is always forced to fish under harsh conditions, such as the lure's approach to a headwind with a wind speed of 10 m, and the landing during storms, such as sliding up and pulling out to the shore. However, it is possible for rod power to lead to a safe landing without inadvertently approaching the rough water surface. The Grande Diatras Blackfin series is not an extension of the sea bass rod as in the past, but you will feel the boldness that makes you think that it is a rod for blue-backed fish at first glance. A series that aims at blue-backed fish from the shore in every scene from rocky shore to embankment. The GRANDAGE ATLAS BLUE RUNNER series is the successor to the GRANDAGE XD, which was developed with the aim of aiming for blue-backed fish from the shore. By mounting Toray's third-generation carbon TORAYCA® T1100G on the main material of the blank, the flight distance of the lure and the stickiness of the blank are made more prominent than before. In addition to the blank, the rod balance, joints, and the exterior of the blank are all improved. The Grande Giatlas Blue Runner was created to kill trophy-sized blue-backed fish under the limited conditions of rocky shore anglers.</p> <table> <thead class="pestit"> <tr> <td>Modello</td> <td>Lunghezza mt.</td> <td>Sezioni</td> <td>Ingombro cm</td> <td>Gr</td> <td>Casting gr</td> <td>PE</td> <td>Guide</td> </tr> </thead> <tbody class="pestxt"> <tr> <td>APIA GRANDAGE ATLAS BLACKFIN 102HH</td> <td>10’2”</td> <td>2</td> <td>159,5</td> <td>275</td> <td>15-70 (Plug: Max 60 gr)</td> <td>1,5-3</td> <td>Fuji Stainless Steel Frame SiC-S</td> </tr> <tr> <td>APIA GRANDAGE ATLAS BLACKFIN 109H</td> <td>10'9'</td> <td>2</td> <td>168,5</td> <td>282</td> <td>13-60 (Plug: MAx 50 gr)</td> <td>1,2-2,5</td> <td>Fuji Stainless Steel Frame SiC-S</td> </tr> <tr> <td>APIA GRANDAGE ATLAS BLUE RUNNER 98M</td> <td>9’8”</td> <td>2</td> <td>151,8</td> <td>251</td> <td>Plug: max 50 / Jig: Max 60</td> <td>1-3</td> <td>Fuji Stainless Steel Frame SiC-S</td> </tr> <tr> <td>APIA GRANDAGE ATLAS BLUE RUNNER 100MH</td> <td>10’0”</td> <td>2</td> <td>156,9</td> <td>265</td> <td>Plug: max 60 / Jig: Max 70</td> <td>1,5-3</td> <td>Fuji Stainless Steel Frame SiC-S</td> </tr> <tr> <td>APIA GRANDAGE ATLAS BLUE RUNNER 100H</td> <td>10’0”</td> <td>2</td> <td>156,8</td> <td>315</td> <td>Plug: max 80 / Jig: Max 100</td> <td>2-4</td> <td>Fuji Stainless Steel Frame SiC-S</td> </tr> <tr> <td>APIA GRANDAGE ATLAS BLUE RUNNER 100HH</td> <td>10’0”</td> <td>2</td> <td>156,8</td> <td>340</td> <td>Plug: max 100 / Jig: Max 120</td> <td>3-6</td> <td>Fuji Stainless Steel Frame SiC-S</td> </tr> <tr> <td>APIA GRANDAGE ATLAS BLUE RUNNER 106HH/PS</td> <td>10’6”</td> <td>2</td> <td>164,5</td> <td>375</td> <td>Plug: max 100 / Jig: Max 120</td> <td>3-6</td> <td>Fuji Stainless Steel Frame SiC-S</td> </tr> <tr> <td>APIA GRANDAGE ATLAS BLUE RUNNER 105HHH/PS</td> <td>10’5”</td> <td>2</td> <td>163,2</td> <td>405</td> <td>Plug: max 120 / Jig: Max 140</td> <td>3-6</td> <td>Fuji Stainless Steel Frame SiC-S</td> </tr> </tbody> </table> <p>APIA GRANDAGE ATLAS BLACKFIN 102HH</p> <p>Iso can be said to be a dream field with tremendous guys. As long as you don't know when you will face a fish that you can only meet once in a lifetime, you must always be prepared to fight monsters. Blackfin 102HH, which has top-class repulsive force and power in Rocky shore rod, shows its true value only in "Crazy Rock Shoreman" who wants to kill monster blackfin seabass and blue-backed fish even in harsh conditions.</p> <p>Target: Blackfin seabass, Warasa, Yellowtail, and other medium-sized blue-backed fish</p> <p>Situations: Rocky shore, embankment</p> <p>Length: 10'2 ”(3.099)  Lure: 15-70 (Plug: MAX 60) g</p> <p>Line: # 1.5-3 Own weight:</p> <p>275g Material: TORAYCA® M40X / T1100G / M46J / M40J / T800S / NANOALLOY® technology</p> <p>Exterior: Shield tech  Joint: NANO JOINT</p> <p>Guide: Fuji Stainless Steel Frame SiC-S</p> <p>Reel Seat: Down Rock</p> <p>APIA GRANDAGE ATLAS BLACKFIN 109H</p> <p><span style="color:#ffffff;font-family:YuGothic, 'Yu Gothic', sans-serif;font-size:15px;letter-spacing:0.6px;background-color:#000000;vertical-align:inherit;">What does it mean to hit a pin spot with a single blow and control a ranker-class blackfin bass on a rough shore? </span><span style="color:#ffffff;font-family:YuGothic, 'Yu Gothic', sans-serif;font-size:15px;letter-spacing:0.6px;background-color:#000000;vertical-align:inherit;">Although it may seem too strong at first glance, BLACKFIN 109H is actually the most standard and well-balanced blackfin rod spec.</span></p> <p><span style="color:#ff0000;font-family:YuGothic, 'Yu Gothic', sans-serif;font-size:15px;letter-spacing:0.6px;background-color:#000000;vertical-align:inherit;"><span style="vertical-align:inherit;">Target: blackfin, blackfin, yellowtail, and other medium-sized bluefish</span></span><br style="color:#ff0000;font-family:YuGothic, 'Yu Gothic', sans-serif;font-size:15px;letter-spacing:0.6px;background-color:#000000;" /><span style="color:#ff0000;font-family:YuGothic, 'Yu Gothic', sans-serif;font-size:15px;letter-spacing:0.6px;background-color:#000000;vertical-align:inherit;"><span style="vertical-align:inherit;">Situation: rocky shores, embankments</span></span></p> <p>Length: 10'9 ”(3.276)  Lure: 13-60 (Plug: MAX 50) g</p> <p>Line: # 1.2-2.5 Own weight:</p> <p>275g Material: TORAYCA® M40X / T1100G / M46J / M40J / T800S / NANOALLOY® technology</p> <p>Exterior: Shield tech  Joint: NANO JOINT</p> <p>Guide: Fuji Stainless Steel Frame SiC-S</p> <p>Reel Seat: Down Lock</p> <p></p> <p>APIA GRANDAGE ATLAS BLUE RUNNER 98M</p> <p>A light shore jigging model that is stronger than sea bass rods and is one of the lightest rock shore rods. It is an all-rounder of the embankment that supports from the Inada and Sagoshi class aimed at from the embankment to the Buri class, and it is the best power zone for handling metal jigs of 30 to 40 g and iron plate vibes for blue-backed fish.</p> <p>Target: Warasa, Yellowtail, Sagoshi, Other medium-sized blue-backed fish, Grouper</p> <p>Situations: Embankment, surf, rocky shore</p> <p>Length: 9'8 ”(2.95)  Lure: Plug: MAX 50g / Jig: MAX 60g</p> <p>Line: # 1-3 Self-weight: 251g</p> <p>Material: TORAYCA® T1100G / M46J / M40J / T800S / NANOALLOY® technology</p> <p>Exterior: Shield tech  Joint: NANO JOINT</p> <p>Guide: Fuji Stainless Steel Frame SiC-S</p> <p>Reel Seat: Up Rock</p> <p></p> <p>APIA GRANDAGE ATLAS BLUE RUNNER 100MH</p> <p>A wide range of models that support both jigs and plugs and support various migratory fish. It is a model that plays an active part in embankments and surf, and is suitable for capturing yellowtail and yellowtail. It is a central model for light shore jigging in the near sea, and features a blank that does not lose power even to unexpected big players.</p> <p>Target: Warasa, Yellowtail, and other medium-sized blue-backed fish, Grouper</p> <p>Situations: Embankment, surf, rocky shore</p> <p>Length: 10'0 ”(3.05)  Lure: Plug: MAX 60g / Jig: MAX 70g</p> <p>Line: # 1.5-3 Own weight:</p> <p>265g Material: TORAYCA® T1100G / M46J / M40J / T800S / NANOALLOY® technology</p> <p>Exterior: Shield tech  Joint: NANO JOINT</p> <p>Guide: Fuji Stainless Steel Frame SiC-S</p> <p>Reel Seat: Up Rock</p> <p></p> <p>APIA GRANDAGE ATLAS BLUE RUNNER 100H</p> <p>A standard inshore rock shore model that supports both jigs and plugs and covers rocky shores, offshore banks, and surf. Since it is supposed to be used for a long time, it is very light and well-balanced. It can be said that it is the best model for the first one as a full-scale rock shore rod. It is the best power class for yellowtail and amberjack up to 8 kg, and it is highly suitable for large grouper.</p> <p>Target: Yellowtail, Amberjack, Leopard coral group, and other blue-backed fish of about 8 kg</p> <p>Situations: Embankment, surf, rocky shore</p> <p>Length: 10'0 ”(3.05)  Lure: Plug: MAX 80g / Jig: MAX 100g</p> <p>Line: # 2-4 Own weight: 315g</p> <p>Material: TORAYCA® T1100G / M46J / M40J / T800S / NANOALLOY® technology</p> <p>Exterior: Shield tech  Joint: NANO JOINT</p> <p>Guide: Fuji Stainless Steel Frame SiC-S</p> <p>Reel Seat: Up Rock</p> <p></p> <p>APIA GRANDAGE ATLAS BLUE RUNNER 100HH</p> <p>The best model for anglers aiming for 10kg of amberjack on the rocky shore and offshore rocky shore. A very versatile standard aimed at big players. It is a setting that can be used for jigging and plugging, and it is easy to fly the jig by putting out a slug when operating the jig, and even in plugging, the supple tip makes it difficult for lure action errors to occur. Also, in the power class above this model, NANO JOINT with higher strength in parallel is adopted.</p> <p>Target: Amberjack, Amberjack, Mejimaguro, Leopard coral group, and other blue-backed fish of about 10 kg</p> <p>Situation: Rocky shore, embankment</p> <p>Length: 10'0 ”(3.05)  Lure: Plug: MAX 100g / Jig: MAX 120g</p> <p>Line: # 3-6 Own weight: 340g</p> <p>Material: TORAYCA® T1100G / M40J / T800S / NANOALLOY® technology</p> <p>Exterior: Shield tech  Joint: Parallel (NANO JOINT)</p> <p>Guide: Fuji Stainless Steel Frame SiC-S</p> <p>Reel Seat: Up Rock</p> <p></p> <p>APIA GRANDAGE ATLAS BLUE RUNNER 106HH/PS</p> <p>PS = plugging special. It has a tip that makes the lure act smoothly, and it is hard to cause an action error when operating the plug. In addition, the "tip blur" after casting, which tends to occur with long-length rods, is much faster for the blue runner blank equipped with the T1100G, and it has a great effect on the flight distance of large plugs. The 60-100g class plug, which is frequently used on rocky shores and offshore rocky shores, is easy to handle, and is the best model for anglers who aim for amberjack over 10kg by plugging.</p> <p>Target: Amberjack, Amberjack, Blue-backed fish, and other blue-backed fish with a weight of over 10 kg</p> <p>Situations: Rocky shore, embankment</p> <p>Length: 10'6 ”(3.20)  Lure: Plug: MAX 100g / Jig: MAX 120g</p> <p>Line: # 3-6 Own weight:</p> <p>375g Material: TORAYCA® T1100G / M40J / T800S / NANOALLOY® technology</p> <p>Exterior: Shield tech  Joint: Parallel (NANO JOINT)</p> <p>Guide: Fuji Stainless Steel Frame SiC-S</p> <p>Reel Seat: Up Rock</p> <p></p> <p>APIA GRANDAGE ATLAS BLUE RUNNER 105HHH/PS</p> <p>PS = plugging special. A high-power model for targeting trophy-sized amberjacks and tuna on the rock shore. It features a supple tip part that is less likely to cause errors in plug operation, and a slightly faster action blank than 106HH / PS to support fighting in the shallow band. The guide setting also corresponds to thicker yarn.</p> <p>Target: Amberjack, Amberjack, Tuna</p> <p>Situation: Rocky shore, embankment</p> <p>Length: 10'5 ”(3.175)  Lure: Plug: MAX 120g / Jig: MAX 140g</p> <p>Line: # 3-6 Own weight: 405g</p> <p>Material: TORAYCA® T1100G / M40J / T800S / NANOALLOY® technology</p> <p>Exterior: Shield tech  Joint: Parallel (NANO JOINT)</p> <p>Guide: Fuji Stainless Steel Frame SiC-S</p> <p>Reel Seat: Up Rock</p> <p><iframe width="1128" height="635" src="https://www.youtube.com/embed/aXGctk8CpB4" title="GRANDAGE ATLAS 【CM】" frameborder="0"></iframe></p>
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Apia Ganet Plus floating jacket Apia Gannet Plus Floating Jacket

Apia Gannet Plus Floating Jacket

<p>Apia Ganet Plus è un giobbotto galleggiante sviluppato per la pesca a shore game. Protegge dall'acqua, dal vento, ha diverse tasche per stivare la minuteria, ma soprattutto ti tiene a galla nel caso dovessi cadere in acqua o ancor peggio perdere conoscenza a causa di una caduta accidentale. A me ha salvato la vita, dopo essere scivolato su uno scoglio e aver sbattutto la faccia su un sasso</p> <p>Gannet Plus is a floating jacket with a pocket on the Ganet Ballistic® (released in March 2021) that offers both mobility and storage capacity. By combining the thin body of Gannet with a thin pocket that can hold one 3010 NDM type lure box, we have overcome the drawbacks of many wading vests that the pockets interfere and it is difficult to see your feet.</p> <p>This feature matches the fishing of the shore, which is mainly Langan, rather than the fishing of the offshore shore, which is carried out by setting up a base camp. We would like all anglers who enjoy rocky shore fishing such as rocky shore games, light games, and egging to wear it.</p> <p><iframe width="990" height="540" src="https://www.youtube.com/embed/yQtC6fXrgYo" title="YouTube video player" frameborder="0"></iframe></p>
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