Model: Apache Trolling 50 lbs

    Line Rating: 6-8 / 8-10 / 10-12 / 12-20 / 30 / 50 / 80 / 130 lbs
    High-Module Carbon DYNANOTEX
    Rod Lenght ft: 
    Handle/Rod Butt: Stright or Curve. Customized in EVA or Leather
    Ring Guides: 
    Fuji Alconite (assembled in line or spiral-acid)
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    Only a true Italian Company has the ability to create a rod range able to completely satisfy the diverse needs of the Big Game Angler. The Apache range are handmade in Artico’s laboratory so we can proudly say that these rods are Made in Italy. The Apache Trolling was specifically designed and made for competition angling. We’re talking about a very technical product that is almost exclusively dedicated to the competition angler. The rods blank is built in Dynanotex carbon making it slim and light. During the fight the power of the fish is distributed evenly throughout the blank with the top of the rod remaining rapid and efficient in order to handle powerful runs from the fish but also to prevent breakages. The lower part of the rods blank gives power and defines the control on the fish in the recovery phase. The Apache’s series prove to be the most dedicated rods for fighting the oceans most powerful marine predators on light lines. The secret of this rod is in the use of a particular carbon, the Dynanotex.

    The Dynanotex
    With the Apache range we enter in the world of the Artico Gamma’s Top of the range tackle. Here elevated technological skill is combined with state-of-the-art materials and attention to detail that is typical of the Made in Italy artisanship. The Dynanotex is a Fluoroelastomer (fluorocarbon-based synthetic rubber) with coated graphite and Plant Will which is a high modulus carbon PrePreg (Ferrari Formula 1 Carbon) This is treated and then overlaid in a completely different way compared to traditional machining. Carbon tissue is unidirectional and whilst the vast majority of companies overlap tissue fibers in a longitudinal and transversal way (to increase the resistance to reactivity crushing) Artico adds an additional technique which also angles this overlay. This succeeds in producing countless rod actions and allows different models to be produced according to specific fishing needs.

    Dynanotex allows the creation of blanks without “plug” namely a blank that when in action can provide a curve of work that is always optimized. The advantages of this are:

    1-Lower carbon tissue deterioration, about 30% less than traditional methods.

    2-Higher resistance to efforts, about 40% more.

    3-Higher maneuverability

    4-Higher reactivity of the tackle, more than the 50% compared to those are actually in commerce.

    Having a “spine-less” blank not only aids the action of the rod but it also enables the angler to follow and absorb any twists or lunges of the fish during the fight which helps to nullify any chance of a breakage. Artico insures the Dynanotex blanks for 20 years! You will be amazed by the “reactivity” of the rods when they are under tension as they bend themselves in a distributed way yet immediately go back in their original position (straight) which makes it so easy during the battle with big fish.

    The cosmetic
    Artico’s strength is in its technology and craftsmanship work, though we are also proud of our aesthetics. According to Italian style standards this cannot be underestimated and our rods are both aesthetic and functional.

    The Tips
    The tips are fully customisable, you can choose a tip with Fuji Alconite rings placed in the classic manner “in line” or with the acid “spiral” method which allows the angler to fish with thinner wires and lower poundage.There is also the option for ALPS or Winthrop roller guides with titanium guides. Usually each angler prefers to equip the Apache Trolling from 6 to 30 lb with Fuji Alconite rings. While the Apache Trolling 50/80 or 130 lb are usually built with the Roller Alps or Winthrop. Here at Artico we produce everything ourselves and for this reason we believe we are the greatest rod builders in the world.

    You can choose what kind of handle you prefer, whether it be curved or straight, clad or Eva, the finest leather or even the Winthrop Butt. In conclusion we want you to know that on your demand all of the components can be personalized. We can print your name with silk-screen or customise the ligature colours. In the end, with an Artico Apache we want your rod to be unique and for that reason it is unlikely you will find two anglers with the same rod!

    MATERIAL: High Modulus Dynanotex carbon. PrePreg Ferrari processing system.

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