EVEROL TWO SPEED SERIES 12/0 - 130 Lbs


    Everol Two Speed 12/0 - 130 Lbs
    - The traditional Everol drag system with a graduated scale on a green sideplate
    - Unique drag stop system which allows the angler to place the maximum drag position anywhere along the arc of the drag lever
    7 double shielded,stainless steel ball bearings, plus 2 self lubricating FERROZELL bearings
    - Stainless steel and carbon fiber drag system


    EVEROL reels are truly legendary in the sportfishing world. They deliver on both value and performance but what probably sets them apart from all others, is the unique and completely unrivaled drag system. The smooth powerful drag owes much of it`s legendary status to the fact that it is made from exactly the same materials as Ferrari use for their brakes.

    The Everol double speed reel has a speed change with stainless steel gears, 7 double shielded stainless steel bearings and two self-lubricating bushings. The rear derailleur is a gearbox with gears that are always in contact with front couplings and a gearbox that is separate from the rest of the reel. 

    Everol TWO SPEED is easy to handle, safe, without crazy spots. The rear derailleur system is mounted on elastic supports that allow the passage from a slow recovery ratio (1:1,6) to a faster ratio (1:3) simply by pressing a large button and moving the recovery lever. All this in a fraction of a second, even in the most critical situations.

    A powerful Everol two-speed series of reels designed to tame the largest of gamefish. Offered in sizes ranging from 6/0 to 14/0, these reels shift effortlessly between the high (3:1 gear ratio in high speed) and low (1.6:1 owerful 1.6:1 gear ratio in low speed) gears even under the most extreme conditions.

    SizeLine capacity (Yards)RatiosWeight (Kg)
    2.5/01100/12 700/201:1,6 - 1:3,71,6
    4/0800/20 650/301:1,6 - 1:3,71,65
    6/01000/30 650/501:1,6 - 1:32,15
    6/0W1100/50 620/801:1,6 - 1:32,3
    9/0700/80 500/1301:1,6 - 1:33,6
    9/0W900/80 650/1301:1,6 - 1:33,9
    12/01000/80 700/1301:1,6 - 1:34,2
    14/01000/1301:1,6 - 1:34,8
    18/01350/1301:1,6 - 1:35

    The Everol Two-Speed reels feature a gearbox with stainless steel gears.  To provide the highest performance, they are assembled on seven double shielded stainless steel ball bearings and two self lubricating bearings made of FERROZELL ( a special material made of cotton fibers permeated with phenolic resin that provides superior performance).  The traditional Everol: Easy and reliable shifting mechanism. Canyon Special, new from Everol a 4/0 two speed capable of an awesome 45lb of drag.

     Every Everol reel comes with a 2 year warranty!

    The drag adjusting dial with three concentric graduate scales shows the drag power (in Lbs) controlled by a drag lever. The three scales indicate the proportional increasing tension on the line due to the progressive reduction in the diameter of the line in the spool. A full spool will show in the outer scale, a half full spool in the center scale, and an almost empty spool in the inner scale. The use of the achustable limit stop (part. n. 20) may set the tension to the desired setting, however it provides unrivaled flexibility to adjust the drag power to higher tension while fighting the fish. The alarm selector is located on the left side of the reel. Turn it counter-clockwise to set the alarm or clockwise to turn it off. The two speed reels have a button (part. n. 216) which allows to change the speed instantly even undert he most critical conditions because there is no neutral point in the mechanism. The speed-change mechanism is assembled on elastic supports, which permits thespeed to be changed from a slow speed (inward position) to a fast one (outward position) by pressing the buttn and moving the windhandle.

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