EVEROL SPECIAL SERIES 2,5/0 - 20 Lbs


    Model: Everol Special Series 2,5/0 - 20 Lbs
    - The traditional Everol drag system with a graduated scale on a striking blue sideplate
    - Unique drag stop system which allows the angler to place the maximum drag position anywhere along the arc of the drag lever
    - Five double shielded,stainless steel ball bearing
    - Stainless steel and carbon fiber drag system
    - Left hand models available


    The Everol Special Series is the traditional workhorse of the Everol series of reels. With its multidisc, forced air cooled floating drag system and five double shielded stainless steel ball bearings, the Special Series is ready to take on anything that swims. The Special Series are made using only the finest anticorrosive components (Anticorodal 3571 which is turned by CNC machines then gold anodized and stainless steel AISI 316).

    SizeMax DragCapacity Line (Yards)RatiosWeight (Gr)
    2.5/020 Lbs1100/12 700/203,7:11350
    4/0 30 Lbs800/20 650/303,7:11450
    6/050 Lbs1000/30 650/502,9:11900
    6/0Wide50 Lbs1100/50 620/802,9:12050
    7.5/050/80 Lbs850/50 500/802,9:12900
    9/080 Lbs700/80 500/1302,9:13000
    9/0Wide80 Lbs900/80 650/1302,9:13300
    12/0130 Lbs1000/80 700/1302,0:13800
    14/0130 Lbs1000/1302,0:14500
    18/0No Limiti1000/2002,0:14700
    20/0 No Limiti1000/2502,0:15500


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