Model: Puma Tele Surf
    Blank: Hi Module Carbon Unidirezionale V.AR.AM
    Sections: 7pcs
    Weights Range: 60-100 gr (bianca) / 80-150 gr (gialla) / 150-200 (blu)
    Rods Lenght: 4,50 m
    Ring Guides: Fuji


    Puma telescopic fishing rods set the technological standard for surfcasting fishing in the Mediterranean. Developed specifically for fishing in our seas and carefully tested by Arctic consultants, they are defined by the best surfcasting fishermen as extremely efficient canes precisely because they are well designed. three different powers characterized by 3 colors: 60-100 gr (white) / 80-150 gr (yellow) / 150-200 (blue), cover all fishing needs. The Arctic Puma are rigorously Made in Italy and handcrafted with the best carbon composite unidirectional. The drums guarantee maximum performance precisely because they are developed with the V. AR. AM system. which uses different carbon modules positioned and oriented according to the action that the barrel must produce during fishing. Nothing is left to chance: every single step in the production phase serves to modify and differentiate the action of the shaft in order to create a ttrezzo that really corresponds to the mechanical characteristics shown in screen printing. The resulting stem is very light, unassembled and weighs only 450 grams and has a diameter of just 20mm. All three models are 4.30m long, divided into seven sections, the size of the cana is 1.65m. The summit, built specifically for this series, is made of solid carbon to give the tool the maximum sensitivity and features a reflective spiral workmanship that guarantees maximum visibility even in night fishing. Excellent value for money.

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