Model: La Duecento
    Blank: Unidirectional high module V.A.R.AM carbon, laminated and oriented with exclusive Artico design
    Ring Guides: ALPS/Fuji BNOG o Fuji Alconite
    Rods Lenght Available: 
    4,00 and 5,00 m
    Tips: 2


    This series of telescopic rods are entirely hand made in Italy by Artico being designed specifically for Boat fishing in all European waters. Within the Series are the LA100, LA150 and the most powerful LA200 and are made with the same features of the Dinamite range, strong, powerful yet extremely light. This Series of rods were specifically designed in collaboration with Italian International Champions, Dominica and Mauro Salvatori specifically for fishing at World Championship events. They asked for specific balanced rods capable of casting weights up to 100, 150 and 200grams and that is what was developed and now these rods are one of the best for competition fishing on the market.

    They are made with a high number of sections that make them fast, powerful and feature an excellent performance when casting, only these features come from the blanks being hand crafted in Italy can provide. Each rod comes with 2 Nylon tip sections that are also hand crafted to fit each blank. To increase the range the range is available in both 4 meter and 5 meter length and to increase the flexibility also have a grommet fixed to the first section to allow you to extend or reduce the length you fish at. The rods are available in both Fuji K Guides or Fuji BNOG.

    Made from: High Modulus unidirectional carbon composite differentiated guidance and modules-Production System V.AR.AM

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