Model: Honoria Caesar VIP 12-20 lbs
    Blank: High-Module Carbon T 700 PREPREG FERRARI - V.AR.AM
    Lunghezza: 1,80 mt
    Colors and Ligatures: The cosmetics can be customized
    Handle/Rod Butt: Stright or Curve. Customized in EVA or Leather
    Roller Guides: ALPS or Winthrop Excel or Fuji Alconite rings Guide


    Just a turn for the web to gather views on Honoria Caesar and what is being said by the best Italian fishermen… And we do not want to add anything. One thing is clear, there are specific Honoria for everyone, are very technical, precise and efficient, customizable and, like all good things ... there are exensive. After all we're not talking mass-produced rods , but of real handcrafted jewelry made in Italy. They are stand up " well" designed to absorb the mighty leaks of the most powerful predators.

    The high module carbon by Ferrari
    The blank of Honoria Caesar is made of high carbon prepreg moduloT700 Ferrari, graciously provided by the famous Maranello’s company only for the Top of the range production. The high modulus carbon Ferrari is the same as used in F1, it is a pure carbon : the module highest on the market for this is the most lightweight and durable. To explain, the blanks produced in China usually use the M40 high modulus carbon, the carbon Ferrari is granted to an M80 . The reason why the Artico can use the high modulus carbon from Ferrari is simple, both companies represent the Made in Italy, the excellence in their field. The carbon prepreg Ferrari arrives in the Artico in the form of chilled towels . The carbon fibers contained in these towels are all unidirectional and if you build a rod with these fibers would be very stiff and light but would not crush resistance. For this reason the carbon Ferrari is coupled transversely and longitudinally with other types of carbon in order to obtain the specific mechanical characteristics that the rods must have for each and every single fishing technique. The Top of the Artico rods contain up to 9 different hi module carbons coupled within the same blank, as well as some fibers laid to transverse and longitudinal are also inserted at an angle just to give at every single rod particular characteristic. This is a bit ' a summary of craftsmanship that still distinguishes companies like Artico from the mass production from Asia. The excellence that defines the Made in Italy comes not only from the brand, but a true philosophy of work gained through years of experience. Others can always just copy what the best Italian dream , design and manufacture.

    The Honoria Caesar blanks are manufactured using up to 9 different types of high modulus carbon to give the right action that you need.

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