Model: Apache Tecnic 30 lbs
    Line Rating: 30 and 50 lbs
    Blank: High-Module Carbon DYNANOTEX
    Rod Lenght ft: 5'6''
    Colors and Ligatures: The cosmetics can be customized
    Handle/Rod Butt: Stright or Curve. Customized in EVA or Leather
    Roller Guides: ALPS different colors or Alutecnos


    Possibilità montaggio Roller Wintrhop Excel Titanium Tip-Tops Manico Wintrhop Adjust Butt per info:

    The Apache Tecnic series
    Designed specifically for drifting competitions. This is a very technical rod, dedicated to expert anglers and especially to the agonists . The structure of the blank ( made of carbon Dynanotex ) is thin and lightweight. Traction of prey transfer of power takes place in distributed mode: the upper part of the rod is quick and efficient, just to accompany the fast departures of the fish, thus avoiding the breakage of the terminals. The lower part of the blank, confers power and defines the control of the prey in the recovery phase. For these reasons the Apache Tecnic appears to be the most appropriate rod to fight the most powerful marine predators using monofilaments with casting weights light .

    The Dynanotex
    With the Apache series we are entered in the Artico Top of the range, rods where are mixed very well the high technological expertise, the most advanced materials and attention to detail typical of the excellent craftsmanship Made in Italy. These rods are exclusive, fully customizable and ensuring incomparable performance. In the Top of the range, the technology has only one name : Dynanotex . The Dynanotex is a high modulus carbon fabric prepreg (carbon is the same used in Ferrari F1) that is treated and overlapped in a completely different way compared to conventional processes . The traditional carbon fibers are unidirectional, the vast majority of companies overlap the fibers in longitudinal and transverse position to increase the responsiveness and the rods resistance to crushing. Artico adds to this processing also an angle fiber insertions to confer to all rods countless different actions based on the type of fishing. Thanks to this particular process, Artico obtain an excellent fabrics of carbon that allow the realization of the blank perfectly calibrated on casting weights indicated. Each blank is individually tested to ensure maximum performance and reliability. The most evident advantages obtained by this process are:
    1 ) Minor deterioration of the tissues , about 30 % less than traditional
    2 ) Increased resistance to the efforts , about 40 % more
    3 ) Better handling
    4 ) Increased responsiveness of the rod , more than 50 % higher than those currently on the market

    Having a blank without a plug effect, not only gives a correct action to the barrel, but this will also fail to follow and absorb any torsion imposed by the fish on the run, canceling in fact  the possibility of breaking the blank itself. Arctic guarantees the drums Dynanotex than 20 years ! Trying these tools you'll be surprised by the " reactivity ", when subjected to tensile bending in a broken down manner but take back quickly to its original position (straight ) , so help the recovery of large prey .

    The Cosmetics
    Surely the technology and craftsmanship are the strengths of the Artico, but also the good Italian appearance it’s not underestimated. Technical features are added to aesthetic and functional: the entire rod is customizable! It is possible to buy only the blank, setting its length to suit your personal needs, or you can opt for rings ALPS choosing from 3 different colors . The installation itself can be done in a Traditional "with the roller in line " or Acid with rings mounted " spiral " solution that allows you to fish with thinner wire and casting weights lower ( recommended mounting to expert anglers). In addition, you can also choose the type of straight or curved handle covered with high quality leather or Eva. In short , you can chose all the components and customized your rods as the blank length which can vary from 120 cm to 140 cm which, added to the length of the handle the barrel comes to total lengths that range from 1.65 to 1.85 meters . Then you can also print your name or whatever you want on your rod. Finally, customizable colors and ties: Artico realizes the Yupik rods making them unique, you will hardly find another fisherman with a rod equal to yours and if you silkscreen your name on the rod will be yours alone.

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