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Smith Essential


Fieldrean Essential A basic spoon essential for rotation An essential that means "essential". It is a "basic" position spoon that seeks the ability to quickly adjust to the ever-changing movement of trout, to have an appropriate appeal that is not too strong for firm fishing, and to be able to handle a wide range of winding methods. -Suitable for medium fast to slow speed range. -Action setting with excellent range keeping power due to quick rise and moderate pull resistance. ・ Occasionally irregular actions occur in regular and strong wobbling rolls. ・ If you swim with your head up, shift to a wobbling roll with a large swing while retaining the regularity of the action.  We will also attract interest in trout in a neutral state. -Standard setting with a slightly larger split ring that is more conscious of action stability.  It is also possible to adjust to more agile action by replacing it with a ring that is one size smaller. [1.6g] Wide standard weight [1.9g] Thickness ver. Suitable for when you want to pull quickly while suppressing lifting.

Smith Essential1.6grCol. M03
Smith Essential1.6grCol. M04
Smith Essential1.6grCol. M05
Smith Essential1.6grCol. M07
Smith Essential1.6grCol. M08
Smith Essential1.6grCol. M09
Smith Essential1.6grCol. M12
Smith Essential1.6grCol. M13
Smith Essential1.6grCol. M14
Smith Essential1.6grCol. 02
Smith Essential1.6grCol. 03
Smith Essential1.6grCol. 05
Smith Essential1.6grCol. 06
Smith Essential1.6grCol. 07
Smith Essential1.6grCol. 09
Smith Essential1.9grCol. M03
Smith Essential1.9grCol. M04
Smith Essential1.9grCol. M05
Smith Essential1.9grCol. M07
Smith Essential1.9grCol. M08
Smith Essential1.9grCol. M09
Smith Essential1.9grCol. M12
Smith Essential1.9grCol. M13
Smith Essential1.9grCol. M14
Smith Essential1.9grCol. 02
Smith Essential1.9grCol. 03
Smith Essential1.9grCol. 05
Smith Essential1.9grCol. 06
Smith Essential1.9grCol. 07
Smith Essential1.9grCol. 09
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