Lucky John EOS

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Lucky John EOS


Lucky John EOS is the series of swinging spoon-baits for light and ultra light spinning fishing, which are designed for angling trout. These spoon-baits meet all the requirements set for the lures for angling trout in paid water bodies and angling fish in natural water bodies and rivers with medium current and small depth. EOS spoon-baits have a deep bent-in profile with a special bent shape of the tail part, which ensure their peculiar play during both guiding and free sinking. During guiding, the lure moves strictly along the line without any wide swings from side to side – its movements resemble the play of wobblers of crank-bait type. The lure has a good gliding effect, which allows using it for angling at breaks and during the free fall. Due to its insignificant weight, the spoon-bait can be guided along the very surface of the water. The smallest sizes are: 3.5 and 5 g are designed for angling in shallow water

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