SMITH MK TRAP 2,2 gr


    SMITH MK TRAP 2,2 gr


    SMMKTRA220003SMITH MK TRAP2,2 grCol. 03PI
    SMMKTRA220006SMITH MK TRAP2,2 grCol. 06FPI
    SMMKTRA220018SMITH MK TRAP2,2 grCol. 18GR
    SMMKTRA220019SMITH MK TRAP2,2 grCol. 19FOG
    SMMKTRA220024SMITH MK TRAP2,2 grCol. 24UG/B
    SMMKTRA220029SMITH MK TRAP2,2 grCol. 29FRG
    SMMKTRA220031SMITH MK TRAP2,2 grCol. 31FYR/B
    SMMKTRA220032SMITH MK TRAP2,2 grCol. 32BL/NV
    SMMKTRA220036SMITH MK TRAP2,2 grCol. 36DBG
    SMMKTRA220037SMITH MK TRAP2,2 grCol. 37DOLU
    SMMKTRA220038SMITH MK TRAP2,2 grCol. 38MGCH
    SMMKTRA220039SMITH MK TRAP2,2 grCol. 39MGCL
    SMMKTRA220041SMITH MK TRAP2,2 grCol. 41DGOL
    SMMKTRA220042SMITH MK TRAP2,2 grCol. 42BRDB
    SMMKTRA220044SMITH MK TRAP2,2 grCol. 44DGB
    SMMKTRA220046SMITH MK TRAP2,2 grCol. 46MPYL
    SMMKTRA220048SMITH MK TRAP2,2 grCol. 48GOMG
    SMMKTRA220051SMITH MK TRAP2,2 grCol. 51LUW
    SMMKTRA220053SMITH MK TRAP2,2 grCol. 53GFO
    SMMKTRA220054SMITH MK TRAP2,2 grCol. 54SAP

    The Smith MK Trap spoon is an extremely versatile ultra light undulating spoon. The action in water varies depending on the type and speed of recovery, from narrow wobbling with slow recovery to wider wobbling in case of fast recovery. The special profile allows you to easily position the artificial at the chosen depth (bottom, medium, or flush with water). A corrugating for all seasons able to get tired of even particularly inactive trout.

    Extremely effective also in the sinking phase, especially in the case of trapped sinking, during which it produces an accentuated rolling movement.

    Smith MK Trap Fieldream Spoon is the trout-area game spoon of Smith Japan, a spoon expressly dedicated to the competition of this technique, made with the highest production standards in the well-known Japanese company.

    MK Trap Spoon is a reference point for the trout area game and must not be missing in the spoon holder of fans of this technique.



    1.0g - The ultralight, to probe the first layers of water. Also useful for attacking trout particularly apathetic and suspicious.

    1.4g - Effective for probing medium depths in search of inactive trout. In the case of particularly active trout, a slightly faster recovery is recommended, without exceeding the speed too much to avoid losing the chosen depth level.

    1.8g - Slightly thicker than version 1.4g. Perfect for attacking active trout when recovered quickly. The special shape allows to easily stabilize the water trim by facilitating the positioning of the artificial at the chosen depth.

    2.2g - Particularly suitable for attaching relatively active trout, positioned at long distance. Suitable for use in large lakes, especially when trout pastures on the bottom.

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