ModelloLunghezzaTecnicaMax DragIngombroBraidEschePesoSezioni
    WRC-55NIRAI5.5 ft 165 cmTonno13Kg112cm500 gr300 gr2
    WRC-TOKARA231 cmGiant Trevally13Kg162cm12PE250 gr420 gr2
    WRC-KOMODO DRAGON76Monster GTOltre 60Kg12PE300 gr430 gr2
    WRC-77H2B ROCKET7'7"Giant GTOltre 70Kg12PE300 gr415 gr2
    WRC-80P/3580 - 250 cmGiant Trevally8Kg6PE170 gr447gr2
    WRC-MARIANA 20044Super Deep Jigging10Kg134cm4PE300 gr260gr2

    WRC series - graphite rods with high elasticity and high strength. These are the highest performance rods for big game.
    The 30ton + 40ton graphite composite and 3D cloth binding special manufacturing method which winds graphite cloth from 3 directions increased strength 35% and elasticity by 10%, while reducing weight by 20% and spine by 60%, compared to our former manufacturing method. As a result, finished rods are easy to use and highly reliable because they are so lightweight, thin, and strong.

    • Tokara 60 is a special rod developed to catch Trevally over 60kg weight. Designed with water pressure in mind which is given to the cup at the time of hooking, this rod is especially optimum for big-sized popper. It has such a strong butt power that anglers who can fight by maintaining the rod angle 45„1¤7- 60„1¤7can catch big GT in a short amount of time due to incomparable self restorative force produced by the 3D cloth binding special manufacturing method.
    • 55 Nirai is a jigging rod for heavy weight jig, developed exclusively for big games. Middle elasticity graphite is used for the tip section in order to prevent jig’s over action, and middle & high elasticity graphite composite for the belly section for smooth transfer of torque and absorption of resistance by fish. An instant repulsive force produced by 40ton high elasticity graphite butt successfully controls the fish which tries to run straight to the hide after hooking.
    • Komodo - As the name indicates, this rod was developed based on actual fishing in Komodo Island which is famous for Komodo Dragon weighing 60kg over. A unique special graphite material is used which enhances elasticity. The blanks are designed for shortening fighting time. 
    • 44MARIANA 300 for SUPER DEEP JIGGING. It is the rod designed in order to fish 200 m super deep zones easily.

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