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A light jigging reel that combines overwhelming drag performance and hoisting performance. The aim of TIERRA LJ IC is to provide anglers with a jigging reel with overwhelming drag performance and hoisting performance. The maximum drag force marks "10 kg". Equipped with the strongest drag in its class. Also, this time we worked on not only the strength of the drag, but also on making the drag operate more smoothly. It is ATD, Synchro Level Wind, and "Electronic Drag Sound" that is the first to be equipped with a hand-wound IC reel. "Electronic drag sound" is a function that detects the rotation of the spool and conveys the operation of the drag with an "electronic sound". By adopting this function, the physical resistance of the drag drawer click (mechanical structure) is eliminated, realizing a smooth high-performance drag that surpasses the conventional structure. A powerful drag of MAX 10kg continues to operate smoothly. In addition, the basic performance has been refined with the "HYPERDRIVE DESIGN", following the design of the SALTIGA IC 300. It achieves high hoisting performance that can face large blue objects without feeling uneasy even in torrent areas or using 300g class jigs. DAIWA TECHNOLOGY ■ HYPERDRIVE DESIGN Next-generation dual-axis bait reel technology HYPERDRIVE design A next-generation design concept for bait (both-axis) reels that greatly raises the level of all basic performance, aiming for long-lasting high initial rotation performance. A hyperdrive design consists of up to four technologies. ■ HYPERDRIVE DIGIGEAR "Smooth forever. The more you use it, the more you realize its true value." A newly designed gear system for bait (both shafts) reels that pursues continuous, strong and smooth rotation. DAIWA's unique technology that achieves an increase in meshing rate without reducing the gear tooth module (size), which is directly linked to durability, and achieves long-lasting initial smoothness. ■ HYPER DOUBLE SUPPORT "Improved winding efficiency." A drive support system that achieves sustained smoothness, strength and lightness of winding. By supporting both ends of the pinion gear with two ball bearings with high precision, the input from the handle is not attenuated, making it possible to wind up strongly and lightly even when a load is applied. ■ HYPER ARMED HOUSING (FULL AL) "Strongly supports gears and spools with high precision." A housing system that firmly supports the internal structure with high rigidity and high precision, creating precise winding comfort and power. It is a necessary condition to use a metal material for the frame, which is the key, and by combining with the side plate and set plate, it is possible to continue to demonstrate the basic performance for a long time. In this series, aluminum alloy is used for the frame, side plate (handle side), and set plate. 21SALTIGA IC 300 has achieved a high winding performance that is comparable to that of the 21SALTIGA IC 300. ■ HYPER TOUGH CLUTCH "Clutch system that is hard to stick and keeps operating." Not only does it have a sharp on/off performance that continues to slide thousands or tens of thousands of times, but it is also a clutch system that causes very little trouble even in seawater with a high concentration of salt. Boasting a state-of-the-art insulation structure that has already reduced the number of fixed repairs in severe salt scenes by 99% compared to our company. ■ATD "Highly durable drag that operates smoothly." A new generation drag system that continues to work while smoothly following the pull of the fish. Since the start is smoother than before, it is difficult to break the line, and it is difficult to make the fish feel uncomfortable, so it is less likely to be unnecessarily rampant. The strong thrust of the fish can be easily avoided, and even large opponents can be exchanged without anxiety. * Maximum drag force: 10kg. Usability ■ Electronic drag sound "Smoother. High-performance drag of the next-generation light jigging reel ." The conventional drag drawer click (mechanical structure) plays an important role in transmitting the operation of the drag to the angler. However, the ratchet structure inside the drive gear that produces the sound and the sound output pin structure create physical resistance when pulling out. By removing this mechanical structure and installing an "electronic drag sound", it is possible to achieve both smooth drag performance and a more audible drag sound. The graph below compares the "resistance" when pulling out the drag between the TIERRA LJ IC and the reel equipped with the drag pullout click of the conventional mechanism. TIERRA LJ IC achieves a smoother high-performance drag by greatly reducing this "resistance". A powerful drag of MAX 10kg continues to operate smoothly, which reduces baldness and works well for interacting with large fish.

MODELModel(cm/handle 1 rotation)gear ratioWeight (g)Maximum drag force (kg)Standard winding amount PE (No. -m)Bearing (ball/roller)Handle length (mm)
23 TIERRA LJ IC 200200786.3370102-300 / 3-2007+175-85
23 TIERRA LJ IC 200H200H917.3370102-300 / 3-2007+175-85
23 TIERRA LJ IC 200HL200HL917.3370102-300 / 3-2007+175-85
23 TIERRA LJ IC 200L200L786.3370102-300 / 3-2007+175-85
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