Golden Mean Shore Cannon

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Golden Mean Shore Cannon

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Golden Mean Shore Cannon Shore Jigging rods Made in Japan. An advanced power rod that keeps aiming for a moment in the vast shore field . Shore Cannon uses a new material, UST Blanks Material, for the belly to butt. A flexible feeling is added to the entire blank from tip feeling to bat pool to the power to confront the target with a margin . You can reduce the burden on your body when fishing, maintain your concentration and keep throwing jigs comfortably. The lineup includes four models, the SCS-90 / SCS-96 , which is ideal for aiming at small to medium-sized fish, and the SCS-100 / SCS-110 , which is also compatible with plugging games for aiming at medium-sized to large-sized fish . Shore Cannon opens up the possibilities of shore jigging games. Fuji Stainless Frame SiC Ring Guide Fuji stainless steel frame K guide is set for each item in the original setting for all models. The TOP guide uses the MN top to prevent line troubles. SCS-90 / SCS-96 uses KLS for the tip to improve the feeling of swinging. The SCS-100 / SCS-110 is an original setting of the double foot KWS compatible with heavy targets and heavy lures. Original Woven Wrapping All models use UST cross woven carbon that combines strength , repulsion and momentary twisting . Put Over Joint Putover is adopted for all model joints with a length that is conscious of curves. Fuji DPS Reel Seat Fuji DPS reel seats are used for all models. The SCS-90 / SCS-96 has an up-locking reel seat with a locking ring. Uplock + LD nut is used for SCS-100 / SCS-110. EVA Separate Grip A separate grip that combines operability and lightening is used in the best size. EVA Grip End Uses an original EVA grip end that does not cling to clothes and enables comfortable operation.

ModelCodeLength (ft)Sections (pcs)Closed (cm)Weight (g)top dia (mm)butt dia (mm)lure weight (gr)line weight (lb)powertapercarbon(%)
Golden Mean Shore CannonSCS-909'0''21,4322620-601.5-2.5MAX DRAG 4 Kg95
Golden Mean Shore CannonSCS-969'6''21,5225030-802-3MAX DRAG 4.5 Kg95
Golden Mean Shore CannonSCS-10010'0''21,5832860-120 (Plug 35-80)2-4MAX DRAG 6 Kg95
Golden Mean Shore CannonSCS-11011'0''21,7333365-130 (Plug 40-100)3-5MAX DRAG 7 Kg95
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