Apia Grandage Naval

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Apia Grandage Naval


The GRANDAGE NAVAL Silver Scale is A series specializing in boat sea bass games. The GRANDAGE NAVAL SILVER SCALE series is a series that specializes in sea bass games from boats. Unlike Okappari, it was a long time ago that playing sea bass on a boat was easy. In recent years, not only the timing but also accurate casting techniques have a decisive influence on fishing results. So, will the rod become more elastic? If you ask me, that's also different. In boat games where the footing is unstable, the absorption capacity of the rod is a major factor in preventing hookouts. The Silver Scale blank has a material composition that has never been seen before, and it will be the guiding light for a new era of boat games. It has all the necessary elements for boat sea bass, such as the ability to accurately cast distance even with short stroke casts, and the blank power that allows you to easily control ranker sea bass. S68ML is a next-generation boat sea bass rod that allows you to experience the unprecedented zone with T1100G. Target: sea bass, sagoshi, black sea bream. The Apia Grandage Naval Seafarer is a model with infinite targets. Worldwide almighty series. The GRANDAGE NAVAL SEAFARER is a series that can match any target that can be aimed at in coastal boat games. It is characterized by a very wide capacity that can cover not only sea bass, but also Spanish mackerel, which has become very popular in recent years, bluefish casting games, and overseas fishing such as barramundi. SEAFARER means "sea traveler". It will be the perfect companion for your journey. The casting game for Spanish mackerel has become popular in recent years. A method has been established for making full casts from the boat, using jerking minnows to lure fish, and making them eat. So, what are the elements required in a boat casting rod? Seafarer S76M is equipped with all the answers. The length is 7ft 6in for maximum flight distance on board and easy jerking. In order to create the perfect slug for jerking, we have adopted a blank that combines advanced materials called "T1100G x M40X", which is the only one in the NAVAL series. The performance dimension is different from the conventional "rod with just the right length and power for Spanish mackerel casting." The S76M, which targets not only Spanish mackerel but also large seabass and medium-sized blue fish, is sure to become one of the leading inshore casting rods in the future.

Modello Lenght Sezioni Ingombro peso Casting PE
SILVER SCALE S68ML 6’8’ /2,03 m) 2 105,5 cm 110 g 3-25 g 0.6-1.2
SEAFRER S76M 7’6’ (2,29 m) 2 118,3 cm 130 g 6-35 g 0.8-2
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