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TAILWALK SSD POWER ROCK is a spinning versatile model An 8-foot spinning model mainly used at fishing ports. The most suitable model for operability-oriented fishing that uses a light weight Texas rig of around 10g and pulls while dodging the roots and softly touching the bottom. In addition, since it has the power to carry up to 21g at MAX, it also has the ability to throw away heavy rigs and can cover a wide range of fishing. Closer to the rockfish game, which has become popular nationwide. The simplicity, specs, and achievements of the Salty Shape Dash series are expressed with rock fish rods. A lineup of lengths and powers that correspond to situations that can be expressed because of the tail walk that knows this game, which has been quickly proposed in the Tohoku and Hokkaido areas. It's not just "just hard..." but it also functions as a rod that bends well during casting and fighting... such a rod is finished. Adopting a slightly larger ring size for the guide specs, it ensures sufficient “dropping” of not only PE but also fluoro and nylon thick lines. C72MH & 77H have a 5.5 size top guide. The butt guide is 10 and priority is given to good handling. C87H & C88XH are slightly larger with a top guide size of 6 to butt guide size of 12 to support thick lines. The spinning model also has a change in the guide specs installed in the two items. In addition to ECS & IPS manufactured by Fuji Kogyo Co., Ltd., which is ideal for power games and is easy to grip and apply force, a grip design full of individuality is adopted.

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29706TAILWALK SSD POWER ROCK S80MH MAX. 21G.2,43 metri2Max 21gr145
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