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Salt angler long-awaited! High rigidity SW spinning "BLAST" that overwhelms with light impact Supports a wide range of light jigging and casting games in the near waters, shore jig games from shore, and super light jigging. High rigidity LT spinning that is useful in the SW scene. ■High-strength aluminum housing ■Powerful! And comfortably. Equipped with "Aluminum machine cut Digigear" ■Power light knob is standard equipment. Handle setting that focuses on the feeling of use on the shore and offshore "LT (LIGHT TOUGH)" image Commitment to thorough weight reduction of the body, spool, handle and other details. LT is the new standard for Daiwa small spinning, which was born by evolving the gear that is the heart of the reel and the material of the body that wraps it into a tougher one. Click here for a more detailed explanation of "LT" ▼ DAIWA TECHNOLOGY image ■MAGSEALED [Mag shield] A waterproof structure that shuts out intrusion of seawater and dust by creating a magnetic oil wall in the gap between the body and rotor. Since the body and rotor are non-contact, the initial rotation performance is maintained for a long time while maintaining a light and smooth rotation. Most of the causes of the abnormal noise are the intrusion of salt water and foreign matter. Of course, there are cases in which it is accidentally dropped into the water, etc., but except in such cases, the rotational noise generation rate of the reels that are made into a magnetic shield is significantly reduced. Moreover, this ratio is beginning to appear in the data as a large difference as time passes after the appearance of the Magshield. This means that the longer you use it, the more effective it will be. In other words, it proves that the dust shield and waterproof ability of the mag shield are at a very high level. image ■ ATD [Automatic Drag System] A next-generation drag that slides smoothly and follows the pulling of fish and continues to work smoothly. ATD for large-scale spinning is also characterized by little change in the power of the drag setting value. In the case of conventional drag, when the fight for a long time to pull out the drag or such a fight is repeatedly performed, the drag force naturally decreases. Daiwa has developed a drag that reduces the drag force by focusing on that part. This makes it possible to concentrate on fighting when a fish hits, and it is possible to continue to use it without resetting the drag value even when a good type of fish that uses drag continuously hits. "The drag adjustment during fighting is reduced, and you can catch fish faster while preventing line breaks." image ■ AIR ROTOR An air rotor with a unique shape that should be called the rotor revolution. The unique optimum rim shape distributes the load, resulting in a substantial weight reduction with the same strength. Lightening the rotor not only reduces the weight of the rotor, but also contributes to the "winding sensitivity" of the reel itself by improving the rotation response. The adoption of the new lightweight air rotor realizes high-performance rotation performance that exceeds the class, which makes the expert growl.

Modello Product name Winding length (cm/one rotation of handle) Gear ratio Own weight (g) Maximum drag force (kg) Nylon lb-m PE m Ball / Roller Handle arm (mm) Handle knob specifications
DAIWA 18 BLAST LT LT4000-CH 89 5.6 270 12 1.5-200 2-170 6 1 60
DAIWA 18 BLAST LT LT4000-CXH 99 6.2 270 12 1.5-200 2-170 6 1 60
DAIWA 18 BLAST LT LT5000D-CXH 105 6.2 285 12 2.5-300 3-210 6 1 60
DAIWA 18 BLAST LT LT6000D 92 5.1 370 12 3-300 4-220 6 1 65
DAIWA 18 BLAST LT LT6000D-H 101 5.7 370 12 3-300 4-220 6 1 65
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