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Fusto/Blanck: V.A.R.AM Unidirezionali di Carbonio Alto Modulo Stratificati ed Orientati
Sezioni: 3 pezzi + 3 cimini
Range Potenza: 50 - 75 - 100 gr
Lunghezza: 4,50 e 5,00 m
Anelli: Fuji


Handcrafted in Italy, the Silente 5000 Silver Silent surfcasting fishing rod is made with the exclusive V. AR. AM system using Unidirectional Carbon Composites differentiated in modulus and orientation. This series is unique in its kind for: 

design of the shaft: it has a diameter of only 18 mm and is very light, but at the same time it is rigid and very powerful, allowing a quick response of the tool during the launch.

central element: it is less rigid than the handle and progressively and linearly follows the barrel parabola during work.

Double action "peak: it is a whole peak (not reported) on which, at different distances depending on the action you want to obtain, inserts of pitch fibres have been applied. These design studies have made it possible to develop spine-free pipes, making it possible for the tools to work' actively' during the launch phase, obtaining an additional boost of 25-30 % more than the products currently on the market. The Silent 5000 have a semi-distributed action that allows the most demanding agonist to fish at high distances using light weights: 80 gr. for 80-120 and 100 or 125 gr. for the most powerful 120-180. Thin and light, but at the same time powerful, versatile and adaptable to various types of fishing from our beaches Silent 5000 Silver are those tools that should not be missing in the bag of the agonist. Practically, thanks to the interchangeability of chimneys, it is as if they are three pipes in one. The most powerful chimney has three double bridge rings. On Silente 5000 Silent 5000, you can request mounting with two types of rings: Fuji Alconite K Series or Fuji BNOG.

Unidirectional High Module Stratified and Oriented High Module Carbon Unidirectional A. R. AM.

Modello Lungh. mt N° Sez. N° Anelli Ing. cm Casting gr
Silente 5000 4,50 3 + 3 10 166 50 - 75 - 100
Silente 5000 5,00 3 + 3 10 170 50 - 75 - 100

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