Dedicato alle esche più pesanti e voluminose, come ad esempio grossi Spinnerbait, Chatterbait, Jig pesanti e Frog. L’elenco delle caratteristiche tecniche di questo gioiello è molto ricco, senza dubbio la tecnologia Magsealed (sul pignone), la frizione ATD, il T-Wing System ed il Magforce-Z lo rendono tecnologicamente avanzato ma al contempo di facile utilizzo. Particolare attenzione è stata riposta nella solidità strutturale: il corpo Air Metal in Alluminio è solido e indeformabile, mentre la bobina e la ruota comando, sovradimensionata, sono costruite in Duralluminio G1. Fly and roll. A tough cut bait that can be used for toughness with basic performance refined Compact and tough, the STEEZ SV TW sibling series. With an ultra-high precision super metal housing, the smooth and light rotation performance continues even when used in a tough tournament trail in the United States, and keeps the highest level of winding sensitivity. 1000 The compact size of the reel body is realized by mounting the compact TWS that matches the spool size of the No. size. And with TWS super high precision G1 MAG-Z spool, it emits the lure line while rising at a high speed, boasting higher casting performance than the SV concept. A line capacity of 16lb.-100m is secured to support tough fishing with thick thread. Furthermore, one mag shield BB is placed on the pinion shaft to achieve a high level of salt compatibility. Widely applicable to game fish.

    ModelloProduct nameWinding length (cm/one rotation of handle)Gear ratioOwn weight (g)Maximum drag force (kg)Nylon lb-mSpool diameter mmHandle lenght mmBall Bearing
    DAIWA STEEZ A TW1016HManovella Destra676.3190614-115 16-10034908 / 1
    DAIWA STEEZ A TW1016HLManovella Sinistra676.3190614-115 16-10034908 / 1
    DAIWA STEEZ A TW1016SHManovella Destra757.1190614-115 16-10034908 / 1
    DAIWA STEEZ A TW1016SHLManovella Sinistra757.1190614-115 16-10034908 / 1
    DAIWA STEEZ A TW1016XHManovella Destra868.1190614-115 16-10034908 / 1
    DAIWA STEEZ A TW1016XHLManovella Sinistra868.1190614-115 16-10034908 / 1
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