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SHIMANO CALCUTTA CONQUEST BFS IS a beautiful bait finesse reel with high quality and functionality. Calcutta Conquest BFS, a dedicated bait finesse machine with cutting-edge functions condensed into an elegant circular body, has been reborn with the low inertia Magnum Light Spool III and NEW FTB. The lightweight lure stretches even lower, as if crawling on the water surface, and can handle flip casts of around 1g. The brake system FTB, which eliminates the brake unit from the spool, also contributes to lower spool inertia. A magnetic brake that takes advantage of centrifugal properties provides stable and stretchy casting. Furthermore, the stroke of the brake unit has been expanded and a magnetic ring has been installed to remove the magnetic force during minimum braking, improving brake control performance. It covers all the functions necessary for bait finesse, such as the X-SHIP that firmly supports the gear, the carbon cross washer that is smooth enough to feel safe even on light lines, and the exciting drag sound that captivates the hearts of anglers. The circular body, made from cold forged material with high-precision machining, is not only beautiful, but also more compact and easier to palm. Calcutta Conquest BFS is full of gentleness and cutting-edge features. The circular body that looks beautiful in nature gives you a sweet world view that can only be found in this reel.

Product numbergear ratioMaximum drag force (Kg)Own weight (g)Spool diameter (mm)/width (mm)Thread volume fluorocarbon (lb-m)Maximum winding length (cm/1 rotation of handle)Number of bearings BB/Roller
BFS HG RIGHT7.83.519529/196-45, 8-457113+1
BFS HG LEFT7.83.519529/196-45, 8-457113+1
BFS XG RIGHT8.93.519529/196-45, 8-458113+1
BFS XG LEFT8.93.519529/196-45, 8-458113+1
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