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Livetarget Fleeing Shrimp

Livetarget Fleeing Shrimp

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Sand Shrimp - 11gr
Glass Shrimp - 11gr
Glow - 11gr
Pink - 11gr
Grass Shrimp - 11gr

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The LIVETARGET Fleeing Shrimp soft lure, bristling with three-dimensional anatomical features, is rigged on a custom jig head and armed with a strong, corrosion-resistant hook. The Shrimp’s silicone skirt animates the lure’s appearance by mimicking the action of a live shrimp’s front legs while in motion and at rest. The Fleeing Shrimp combines realistic anatomy, profile, colors, sound, scent, and action to provoke aggressive feeding responses from inshore predators. Glass rattle. Shrimp scented. Comes with one replacement body.

SSJ85SK910Livetarget Fleeing ShrimpSand Shrimp85mm11grSand Shrimp - 11gr
SSJ85SK911Livetarget Fleeing ShrimpGlass Shrimp85mm11grGlass Shrimp - 11gr
SSJ85SK913Livetarget Fleeing ShrimpGlow85mm11grGlow - 11gr
SSJ85SK915Livetarget Fleeing ShrimpPink85mm11grPink - 11gr
SSJ85SK918Livetarget Fleeing ShrimpGrass Shrimp85mm11grGrass Shrimp - 11gr

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