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6,5 cm / COL. C-120
6,5 cm / COL. H-127
6,5 cm / COL. HH-307
6,5 cm / COL. M-269
6,5 cm / COL. P-370

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BASSDAY BACKFIRE è il miglior popper made in Japan sviluppat per la pesca in mare. Senza scuse e senza compromessi, l’anima in acciaio che lo attraversa e collega le ancorette al corpo è un tutt’uno con la struttura rendendo questo popper praticamente indistruttibile Popping for Japanese Black Porgy is all the rage on Lake Hamana in Shizuoka.We used our strength as locals and talked with local anglers to create the ultimate specialized popper. High stability that is not spoilt by choppy conditions and the ability to produce both small ripple pops and big pops means this is one versatile popper. Its wired through design makes it strong too.

024379BASSDAY BACKFIRE6,5 cm7.5GR.COL. C-120
024380BASSDAY BACKFIRE6,5 cm7.5GR.COL. H-127
024377BASSDAY BACKFIRE6,5 cm7.5GR.COL. HH-307
024378BASSDAY BACKFIRE6,5 cm7.5GR.COL. M-269
024381BASSDAY BACKFIRE6,5 cm7.5GR.COL. P-370

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