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Apia Foojin RS


The major characteristics of Foojin'RS are "sharpness" and "flexibility". We have created a blank that combines these two contradictory features at a higher level than ever before. "Sharpness" directly leads to "strong repulsive force = flight distance" and "no blur = accuracy." What ``flexibility'' brings is ``Followability = Difficulty in hitting and hard to hit,'' and ``Easy bending = Flying distance close to MAX with little input.'' Foojin'RS achieves both at an unprecedented level. What made this possible is the existence of TORAYCA® third generation carbon "M40X" and "T1100G". Carbon fiber, which has a high modulus of elasticity and the world's highest strength, is combined with the "NANO ALLOY" technology that provides flexibility, resulting in a dramatic evolution of carbon materials. This new material, which was first used in Foojin'Z 5th Generation, is also fully incorporated in Foojin'RS. ``M40X'' 40t high elastic carbon fiber with amazing ``sensitivity'' and ``operability'' that eliminates any shaking . The latest material intended for use in rockets and next-generation aircraft. Pursuing the ultimate in both elastic modulus and strength, the compressive strength has been improved by 30% while maintaining the same elastic modulus as M40J. The material is #2574 (nano alloy), which improves repellency performance and speed when casting. "T1100G" Carbon fiber with the world's highest strength class. 33t medium elastic carbon fiber. It is a carbon fiber developed for rockets, F1, and next-generation aerospace applications, and currently boasts the highest tensile strength of any carbon fiber in the world. In addition to strength, it is a material that accelerates rod speed during casting and provides flexibility in bending, and the resin is #2574 (nano alloy). NANO JOINT is a new joint system developed by Apia that eliminates tension at the joint, which is a weak point of two-piece rods. By adopting NANO ALLOY® technology in the joint part, we have achieved a bending curve that is as close to a single piece as possible. In addition, the joints are finished with ultra-high precision polishing of 2 to 5 mm to prevent them from loosening when fishing. The "APIA Palm Grip" installed in Foojin'RS is a grip designed so that there is no gap between the palm and the EVA material when gripping. By raising the back a little, you can get a good fit. In addition, the reel seat hood uses shrink rubber material that conveys solid sensitivity to your fingertips.

SPRINGER 88 ML Bay Versatile for everything from finesse to wading games A special model set for the inner part of the bay. This model is suitable for everything from lightweight lures to lures over 1oz, and has an extremely sharp finish to achieve pin-shooting accuracy. A versatile model in the bay that can be used for everything from finesse techniques such as drumsticks and hatch patterns to wading games. Situation: Port, Dropout, Small to Medium-sized River.

LYNX 93M “Lightweight” “Powerful” “Highly Balanced” RS core model A core model of the RS that is easy to use for wading, Okappari, and anywhere in the country. It has a tip that can handle lightweight lures and a bat that can easily rip off lunkers. The lightweight and highly balanced LYNX 93M provides a different level of nimbleness even during long wading games. Situation: Port, tidal flat, small to large river.

DESIRE 95MH The latest version of the ranker model that pursues only the necessary functions 9 feet 5 inch medium heavy rod. It is a ranker hunt model with a highly versatile length that can be seen just by looking at the specs. The biggest feature of Desire 95MH is the tip that enters smoothly. Despite being a power rod, it is light and allows you to keep throwing without putting any strain on your body. This is the latest appearance of the Ranker model, which has made a breakthrough by eliminating excess and pursuing only the necessary functions. Situation: Medium and large rivers, against large fish VIVOGUE 96ML+ The ultimate versatile spec regardless of time or region From Okappari to wading, the

VIVOG 96ML+ has one level of bat power added to the national standard spec 96ML. The 96ML+ blank, which has a delicate tip and is highly flexible, is an extremely versatile model regardless of the season or region, from spring micro bait to autumn lunker season. Situation: Port, small to large river, tidal flat SKY HIGH 99M The ultimate sharpness blank pursuing distance and accuracy. Equipped with T1100G and M40X, this model emphasizes sharpness and pursues distance and accuracy. Although it is nearly 10 feet long, it has the same operational feel as the first half of 9 feet. A versatile model that is highly adaptable to jerking lures thanks to the high resilience of TORAYCA® 3rd generation carbon. Situation: Port, small to large river, tidal flat

BELUGA 105MH Innovative long distance model created by new materials A model that is effective in situations where long distances are required, such as surfing and large rivers. Although it is a flexible blank, it has a strong force to push out the lure, and the tip shake settles quickly after casting, so you can make the longest casts with about 60% force. Suitable for a wide range of targets, not only sea bass, but also flat fish and blue fish. Situation: Large river, surf, rocky shore

ARLEQUIN C79MH “Sharp & Powerful” Power model compatible with large lures Although it is a powerful model, the tip is flexible, making it suitable for a wide range of lures, from around 15g to 2oz swimbaits. The rod balance is also very good, and it can be used easily for everything from wading to long-range fishing. If you have a bait style that focuses on big bait games, you can use it with most lures by combining it with Mega Soul. Situation: Ports, small and medium-sized rivers, large lures.

PRELUDE C88M Innovation brings about innovation in bait style sea bass rods This model is the basic bait style for sea bass, both in length and power. The high repulsion RS blank is adaptable to most sea bass lures up to 50g and promises an exhilarating casting feeling, so you won't feel tired even when wading for long periods of time. It is a model that can be used not only as a ranker in the fall, but also throughout the year. Situation: Small to large rivers, tidal flats

BARBARIAN C90MH+ To an encounter with monsters! A true ability that only shows itself in tough situations It is a perfect model for the autumn lunker season, and it shows its true potential in tough situations such as rushing rivers and points that require intense power fighting with structure. The blank is powerful and flexible, following the movement of the fish and never letting the rod strike. It also has outstanding flight distance performance, making it the best match for large lures of 30 to 50 g aimed at rankers. Situation: Medium and large rivers, large lures, against large fish.

Apia Foojin RS SPRINGER 88ML 8’8’’ 2 3-32 gr 0,6-1.5 SPINNING 140
Apia Foojin RS LYNX 93M 9’3’’ 2 6-42 gr 0.8-2 SPINNING 160
Apia Foojin RS DESIRE 95MH 9’5’’ 2 12-50 gr 1-2.5 SPINNING 170
Apia Foojin RS VIVOGUE 96ML+ 9’6’’ 2 6-38 gr 0.8-2 SPINNING 163
Apia Foojin RS SKY HIGH 99M 9’9’’ 2 8-42 gr 0.8-2 SPINNING 170
Apia Foojin RS BELUGA 105MH 10’5’’ 2 14-50 gr 1.2-2.5 SPINNING 190
Apia Foojin RS ARLEQUIN C79MH 7’9’’ 2 15-65 gr 1.5-4 CASTING 150
Apia Foojin RS PRELUDE C88M 8’8’’ 2 10-50 gr 1.5-4 CASTING 158
Apia Foojin RS BARBARIAN C90MH+ 9’0’’ 2 20-70 gr 2-5 CASTING 190
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