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    Stick bait estremamente addescante. Riproduce fedelmente la fuga di una serdina sulla superficie dell’acqua. Effetto estremamente efficacie per tutti i predatori in saltwater.

    Sa versione SS  risulta estremamente addescante in fase di affondamento, azione perfetta per lo spinning al Tonno. Inoltre il sitema interno di sbilanciamento dei pesi permette lanci a lunga gittata estremamente precisi.

    Sardinerun SS – Slow Sinking – 13cm. – 33gr. – Fornito armato di ancorette Owner ST-56 #2

    Sardine run is a saltwater pencil bait that reproduces the movement of sardines that escape on the surface of the water. The type is floating "13F" and slow sinking "13SS".

    It is possible to respond to a wide range of situations and targets. Targets include sea bass in the estuary, blackfin seabass on the rocky shore, blue-backed fish, and migratory fish.

    Model Floating

    With a slightly slanted floating posture, the twitch that moves the rod tip finely creates a dog walk that keeps the movement distance and swings the head to the left and right. If you add a jerk that takes a little stroke, it becomes a diving pencil that can easily dive and irregular to the left and right, and in a long jerk, it will appeal with a wide wobble after diving.

    Although it has high buoyancy, it is good at moving around the surface of the water without draining.

    Model Slow Sinking

    "Slow sinking model" that maintains a horizontal posture. Ideal for stormy weather, high wave heights, and passing under sarashi. Also, after using floating, it is very effective to use it as a follower.

    The recommended usage is jerk, and by changing the stroke and speed, the wobbling and slide will change. Excellent water entanglement that does not break the water surface and moderate pull resistance are ideal for drifting.

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