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    SHIMANO FLIEGEN The line roller is equipped with "X Protect" to improve the waterproof performance so that the smooth line winding feeling can be maintained. Adopting HAGANE body ensures sufficient rigidity and durability. In addition, the newly designed "CI 4 " rotor contributes to improved sensitivity and hoisting power. Freegen SD equipped with "Large-diameter no-taper spool" and "High-speed drag" has also been released for throwing enthusiasts who want to aim at multi-purpose such as fishing rods. Since lighter rotation performance is required, a new waterproof structure has been developed exclusively. We are particular about the non-contact type that does not impair the lightness of rotation, and in addition to the conventional water repellent treatment, we have realized high waterproof performance while being non-contact by combining a labyrinth structure that suppresses the ingress of water. Due to its light rotation, it can be used for line rollers, and the durability of salt shavings on line roller bearings has been greatly improved.

    CODEMODELProduct nameWinding length cmGear ratioStandard own weight grMaximum drag force KGStandard spool amount Nylon (lb-m)Standard spool amount PE (No.-m)Bearings / rollers
    36568FLIEGEN 35 EXTRA FINE35 EXTRA FINE833.5440202.4lb 300m – 4lb 200m1 160m8 1
    36575FLIEGEN 35 FINE35 FINE833.5440204.8lb 250m – 8lb 150m1 160m8 1
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