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    DAIWA Tournament Surf 45 Here is the answer in pursuit of ideal flight distance and rotation performance. All to win. What is the required performance in the current kiss tournament scene? We reviewed the reel shape itself and created a new TOURNAMENT from scratch. Correspondence that can cover from medium to short distances that can be realized only with a 45 mm stroke. Torque full and smooth winding performance from long casting range. Rotational performance without blurring that conveys undulation changes to the casters. High durability that maintains the initial performance in the harsh kiss tournament scene. These are not just improvements in specs, but are evolutions to become a caster's weapon, focusing on actual fishing. The ideal release performance is achieved by installing the "LC spool", which is specially designed for each taper angle. The ZAION housing brings strength and lightness, and the heart is armed with an aluminum machine-cut tough digital gear that does not yield even under heavy load, achieving even higher durability. Extreme rotation performance by One Piece Air Veil makes it more comfortable and more fearless. With the introduction of the fastest gear ratio "4.9" in the series, it will shock the kiss tournament scene. Here is the answer to the pursuit of flight distance and rotational performance by generously introducing all of "DAIWA TECHNOLOGY". Technology details The drive gear, which is the most important part of the reel, requires a trinity element (design concept, processing technology, gear material). Tough DigiGear is a further evolution of the conventional DigiGear II. It is the latest design concept that carefully takes into account the effect on the meshing caused by the unexpected force. And what supports the design concept is a unique processing technology called "cold forging machine cut". The ideal gear is realized by applying ultra-precision machine cut to the material finished with high strength by cold forging. Achieves infinite noiseless rotation and accurately responds to the delicate feeling of the angler's fingertips. "Ultra duralumin" with high tensile strength and durability is used for the gear material. By combining these three elements, we have completed a tough digital gear that has precision and durability that does not overlook even the slightest error, and has obtained rotational performance and rotational durability that are several steps higher. Tough Digi Gear evolves the sensitivity of the reel and also the fishing itself. MAGSEA LED [Magshield] For throwing fishing only. It is an extremely special spinning reel that has refined material engineering and researched the ultimate form of lightness and flight distance. It has a wide caliber and a unique spool shape that inclines forward in order to increase the flight distance, and the spool is projected more to reduce the load of line discharge to increase the stroke amount. At the same time, it was also a genre that required the technology to devise measures against water and salt that inevitably invade the interior of the engine, parts and bodies that were significantly lighter. Under these circumstances, it is no exaggeration to say that the equipment of "Magshield", which is incorporated as a waterproof and dustproof "wall" today, was born from a revolutionary progress in this genre. The center of the "Mag Shield" set to surround the inside of the rotor is the "Mag Oil", which has the property of reacting to magnetic force, born from the shield technology of space suits. The smoothness due to the oil is thrown, rusted (searched), and rolled while maintaining a sense of rotation with zero friction. The fact that an oil film made of "mag oil" continues to protect seawater and dust from entering the engine inside the rotor, which is constantly winding the handle. It protects the inside with the goal of universality. The more you roll it up and the more you use it, the more you can experience its ability. MAGSEA LED BALL BEARING The revolution in endurance technology is to ball bearings, small parts that have a significant impact on reel rotation. DAIWA has succeeded in making the ball bearing itself a mag shield for the first time in the world with its own technology. The magnetic liquid wall prevents water and foreign matter from entering the ball bearing, maintaining the original light and smooth performance of the ball bearing, without the help of packing, etc., rust, salt stains, and abnormal noise. Is greatly eliminated. It has dramatically improved waterproofness and durability, making it possible to maintain initial performance for a long period of time. AIR ROTOR An air rotor with an epoch-making structure that can be called the "rotor revolution". Optimal rim structure improves rotor durability by distributing the load. As a result, the weight is reduced by about 15% at the same time with the same strength. By improving the rotor balance, it also contributes to further improvement of the rotation feel. ZAION It is a carbon resin woven with carbon fiber at high density, and has the characteristics of being light, strong, and resistant to corrosion. A material that makes the impossible possible by exceeding magnesium in weight specific strength. It is used for main parts such as the body and rotor, and contributes to the realization of the antinomy of high rigidity and light weight

    CODEMODELProduct nameWinding length cmGear ratioStandard own weight grMaximum drag force KGStandard spool amount Nylon (lb-m)Standard spool amount PE (No.-m)Bearings / rollers
    22456719 TOURNAMENT SURF 45 06PEHG 05PE884.9395150.3-300, 0.5-25010 1
    22455019 TOURNAMENT SURF 45 HG 05PE06PE794.1400150.6-250, 0.8-20010 1
    22457419 TOURNAMENT SURF 45 LG 06PELG 06PE683.5400150.6-250, 0.8-20010 1
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