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    Dynastar Round hand-wound reel that can be wound powerfully with a super metal frame and a large handle knob The rigidity unique to a super metal frame realizes silky and powerful winding. You can play an active part in almighty all over the country regardless of the area and fishing method. Recommended for those who want a reel that can be reused for fishing inside and outside the ship. The 150 size is a Hi-speed take-up specification with a gear ratio of 5.8 that emphasizes rework. A convenient one that can be widely used for hand-wound fishing from Kawahagi to red sea bream with a double handle equipped with an EVA knob that has excellent technical operability and return speed. The 250 and 300 have a power-oriented gear ratio of 5.1, assuming that both the mechanism and the target will be large. In addition to the generous line capacity, the long handle with balancer and large knob specifications make it an excellent product that can handle a wide range of targets.

    CODEMODELProduct nameWinding length cmGear ratioStandard own weight grMaximum drag force KGStandard spool amount Nylon (lb-m)Standard spool amount PE (No.-m)Bearings / rollers
    10435717 DYNASTAR 150150615.826032-200 3-1503-180 4-1302 1
    10436417 DYNASTAR 150L150L615.826032-200 3-1503-180 4-1302 1
    10437117 DYNASTAR 250250625.130553-230 4-1704-195 5-1552 1
    10438817 DYNASTAR 300300625.132554-250 5-1905-225 6-1852 1
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