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    Il mulinello Daiwa Catalina Bay Jigging segue gli standard qualitativi più rigidi del Made in Japan. Finalmente approdano sul mercato italiano in due diverse taglie, 100 e 200, entrambe con manovella a sinistra. Costruiti partendo da un monoblocco di Alluminio, tornito sino ad ottenere una scocca resistente e indeformabile quanto quella di un carro armato. La meccanica interna è Hyper Digigear, prodotta con leghe di superiore durezza, in grado di resistere agli stress più estenuanti. La frizione Ultimate Tournament Drag, con disco in carbonio, è semplicemente quanto di meglio un pescatore possa desiderare nel momento in cui dall’altra parte della lenza c’è il pesce della vita. Sono mulinelli eccezionali per slow pitch / slow jigging fishing. "Raku winding concept" gear ratio 4.9 model Tairaba is one of the attractions that is simple and simple to just "drop and roll". Because it is simple, "winding" is the biggest factor that influences fishing results. With the charter boat captain, Kazumasa Nakai, who continues to produce results in Kata, Wakayama Prefecture, which is a fierce battlefield for Tairaba, Daiwa thoroughly examined the speed at which it is "more comfortable to wind than ever" and "easy to produce a speed at which you can catch". As a result, we have reached the conclusion that the gear ratio of 4.9 and the speed of 50 cm per turn in the first half is the most comfortable speed for winding on low profile reels and round reels, and it is not too late and stress during recovery. This is the strength to continue winding without stopping the rotation even if the red sea bream is strong, and it is also easy to keep the retrieve speed constant, and it was also found that there are many red sea bream bites. We named this "easy-winding, good-fishing" setting the "easy-winding concept." The 100P-RM and 100PL-RM are Tailaba specialized models born from this easy winding concept. .. It is not a mere low gear model, but a dedicated spec that was needed as a result of researching the tyreaba. PE1 has a line capacity that can be wound 400 m, and also supports trendy deep tyres. The design adopts a playful color with a pink color that reminds us of Daiwa's exclusive Tailab brand, "Red Fang.

    ModelloProduct nameWinding length (cm)Gear ratioWeight (g)Maximum drag force (kg)Winding amount PE (No.-m)Handle length (mm)Bearing (ball/roller)
    DAIWA 15 CATALINA BAY JIGGING100H RIGHT716.3:128071/400 - 1.5/250 - 2/20090 large type I6 1
    DAIWA 15 CATALINA BAY JIGGING100HL LEFT716.3:128071/400 - 1.5/250 - 2/20090 large type I6 1
    DAIWA 15 CATALINA BAY JIGGING100SH RIGHT817.328071.5-250 2-20090 large type I6 1
    DAIWA 15 CATALINA BAY JIGGING100SHL LEFT817.328071.5-250 2-20090 large type I6 1
    DAIWA 15 CATALINA BAY JIGGING200SH RIGHT817.329572-250 2.5-20075-85 Power Light L6 1
    DAIWA 15 CATALINA BAY JIGGING200SHL LEFT817.329572-250 2.5-20075-85 Power Light L6 1
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