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    Select POWER or SPEED according to the target MEGA MONSTER JP (power-oriented model), JS (speed-oriented model) Dot liquid crystal with excellent visibility * Supports large letters and polarized glass * No need for various setting manuals One-hand comfortable operation JOG power lever * New shape JOG makes it easy to catch fingers MAGMAX motor that achieves both torque and instantaneous power Waterproof and durable technology Mag shield ball bearing ATD (Automatic Drag System) that keeps working smoothly Instantly set the falling speed Fall brake dial Silent design by belt drive DAIWA TECHNOLOGY ■ JOG POWER LEVER image One-handed comfortable operation JOG power lever that does not yield the initiative by instant operation is adopted. With one thumb of your left hand, you can turn on the clutch from OFF to JOG winding. The power lever operation, which is picked up with the right thumb and forefinger and rolled up, is very effective even when wearing a pole or cold gloves. *The photo shows Cyborg 500MJ, but it has the same function. image Operate the JOG dial with your left thumb. The power lever is pinched with the right hand and operated, and it has a structure that has been thought out to be the most convenient in various scenes of boat fishing. ■ MAGSEALED (Mag shield ball bearing) image Equipped with MAGSEALED ball bearings that are durable for catching. By equipping the spool shaft, which is most prone to tide and difficult to maintain, the water resistance and durability are dramatically improved, and winding efficiency and spool-free initial performance are maintained. *The photo shows Cyborg 500MJ, but it has the same function. ■ FALL BRAKE DIAL image A fall brake dial that allows you to instantly set the falling speed of the device. Large aluminum dial allows delicate operation even with wet fingertips. In drop fishing, stable bait control improves bait sticking during a fall, and in squid fishing, it catches the touch of squid in the middle layer reaction. Adjustable from MIN (free) to MAX in about half a turn (2 sets of dial stickers are included, including spares) ■ DOT MONITOR image A large character screen with excellent visibility in the field and a dot liquid crystal that is clearly visible even when using polarized glass in direct sunlight. Equipped with convenient functions such as line input procedure and Japanese/English switching. The announcement on the menu screen is clear and can be handled without various setting manuals. *The photo shows Cyborg 500MJ, but it has the same function. * To access the menu screen, press the MEMO switch and PICKUP switch simultaneously for 2 seconds and scroll with the power lever to access various setting screens. ■ MAGMAX MOTOR image Equipped with a special neodymium magnet MAGMAX Motor that has been power-tuned exclusively for the SB500MJ to achieve both torque and instantaneous power. Slow winding is also a matter of course, as well as winding torque and instantaneous force. *The photo shows Cyborg 500MJ, but it has the same function. ■ ATD (Automatic Drag System) imageWith the tough drag ATD that keeps the blue fish running fast and continues to work smoothly, you can use it with peace of mind even for unexpected big ones. Aluminum star drag has excellent heat dissipation and durability, and always maintains high performance drag performance. Drag MAX 23kg. Equipped with 5 carbon drag washers inside the drag. *The photo shows Cyborg 500MJ, but it has the same function. image ■MAG MIGHT structure [Magnite structure] A structure that maximizes the power of the motor by fully utilizing the limited space in the electric reel. Achieve Hi power and Hi speed in a small space. In addition, the cooling effect of the motor is improved, which contributes to the further improvement of motor drive efficiency. image FF structure [EF structure] A front motor structure that makes the reel easy to hold and use by designing the reel in a low profile by arranging a motor, which should be called an electric reel engine, in front of the spool. In addition, a level wind is placed between the motor and spool to enable a more compact design. ■ Belt drive By transmitting power from the motor to the spool via the belt instead of the gear, quietness, light weight, and high efficiency are achieved. image ■ SYNCHRO LEVEL WIND A mechanism in which the left and right reciprocating motions of the level wind (line guide) are linked according to the spool rotation both when the device is dropped and when it is wound up. Keeps a clean thread winding state and realizes a smooth device drop. Also, the drag can be pulled out smoothly.

    ModelloProduct nameMANOVELLAGear ratioweight gdrag force (kg)PE Braided (No.-m)PE Nylon (No.-m)Maximum Force KGRegular hoisting speed 1kg load (m/min)JAFS standard hoisting force (kg)JAFS standard hoisting speed (m/min)
    DAIWA 19 SEABORG 500JS500JSManovella Destra3.7825234-500 5-400 6-3006-350 7-3006616515210
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