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    Its performance, monster class KING MONSTER Innovative technology that transcends common sense and supreme joy that no one has experienced. The tough KING MONSTER landed here. One of the strongest machines in the Seaborg series, which was born with the latest technology by repeating rigorous tests in order to catch the dream big game. Boasting PE8-600m winding amount while ensuring operability in standing. It is possible to target a wide range of areas from large-scale deep fields such as large fish such as yellowfin, amberjack, and quay (ara), and deep-sea to deep-sea mud and mutsu. Strong enough to be impossible. image ■ MEGATORQUE (Megatorque) motor Tuning the motor of the same class as Marine Power 3000. Daiwa's original custom motor, which emphasizes torque but has a smooth start-up due to the brush motor and has excellent durability. Delivers approximately 1.3 times the power and speed at the same size ratio. With a quiet driving sound and a strong heart for catching, head to the ocean where big things hide. image ■ ATD (Automatic Drag System) A tough drag system that operates smoothly in line with the pulling of fish and continues to work smoothly. The drag force is greatly improved (33kg) by using 7 large carbon washers. The handle bearing is equipped with a drag radiator to improve the heat dissipation effect of the drag. A strong ally who controls the drop in drag force during fighting and allows large fish to fall down. It also has an electronic drag sound function that informs you when the line is pulled out. image ■Aluminum motor housing FF structure with a low profile reel design by placing the motor in front of the spool. This motor housing, which is easy to hold and has a high cooling effect, is made of aluminum to improve heat dissipation. As freely as possible. image image ■JOG power lever A new shape JOG power lever that allows instant operation, assuming fighting with standing. When holding the rod with your right arm, use your left thumb to operate JOG. When exchanging with the left arm, pinch with the right thumb and forefinger and operate the power lever. Comfortable operation with good response that does not give the target room to fight back. image ■Magnet Shield Ball Bearing Daiwa's unique waterproof and durable structure that shuts out intrusion of seawater and dust by creating a magnetic oil wall and maintains a light and smooth initial rotation performance for a long time. This technology is applied to the ball bearing itself, which is the cornerstone of rotational performance, and the mag shield ball bearing is adopted for the spool shaft bearing that is the most prone to salt damage and difficult to maintain. Spool-free performance ・Continues the winding power and maintains comfortable initial performance for a long time. image ■ Dot liquid crystal The large character screen with excellent visibility in the field uses dot liquid crystal that can be clearly seen even when using polarized glass in direct sunlight. Equipped with convenient functions such as line input procedure and Japanese/English switching. Large buttons that are easy to push further support a comfortable operating feeling. Seaborg 800J x Miyakojima Amberjack/Kihada-Field Tester Reiko Kojima image Take the King Monster Seaborg 800J to Miyakojima This is a water area that I've been accustomed to, but I'm longing for the big ones I've never seen. What kind of fishing will be this time? The aim is amberjack and yellowtail. Both are migratory fish that grow large and are popular targets. Amberjack on the first day. Attach the No. 250 weight to the No. 50 device and submerge it to a depth of 300 meters. Since the No. 8 600 meter is put in the reel, it is possible to cope with more deep water with a margin. The amberjack lives near the roots of the sea floor, so as soon as the weight reaches the bottom, float the 3-4 meter mechanism and wait for the fish's atari. The nice vibration of the Japanese horse mackerel is transmitted. A signal that a predatory fish appeared near this when this was an unsettling movement that caused the tip of the rod to flutter. I will remove it from the holder to match it immediately and wait for Atari by hand. The movement of the rod tip stops for a moment. At this time, a signal that Muroazi was caught. If you don't match it right away and you feel a strong attack, start fighting with the rod at once. Since it is hung on the needle near the seabed, in the case of amberjack, the best point is to pull it 10 meters away from the root. Therefore, the drag is strengthened from the beginning and the fish resists with strong power to bring it to the root with a strong pull at the moment it is combined, but when you lower the tip of the rod that upset your eyes, before putting on the JOG power lever, you can fight back. I will play the game. Even a little forcibly, first roll up 10 meters from the bottom of the sea with the power of the reel, and after adjusting the posture, operate the JOG power lever according to the pumping and raise it. If you are amberjack of this size, the fish will rise to the surface of the sea faster than you can breathe, and you will feel more reserve. image The next day is Kihada. Disengage the clutch of the reel and pour the device with the Muroazi under the tide. When Muroaji, who swims leisurely, is eaten by Kihada, he pulls out the line at once and runs straight. After running enough, put a clutch and hook. When the load is high, Kihada runs in all directions. A large migratory fish that exceeds a maximum of 100 kg. The size is immeasurable at the moment of hooking. After starting the fight, estimate your power and the power of the fish and tighten the drag. When it gets quite large, you will have to fight for a long time. There is no need to worry that you will be cut off due to a root gap because you are fishing in a water area that exceeds 1000 meters in depth, but in the endurance battle, you will lose your physical strength as it takes more time. So when you can roll it, roll it all at once, and when the fish runs, endure it. It will be a fight. When starting a game, raise the JOG power lever as fast as you can. When running, let the smooth ATD run. If you raise it to a depth of 60 meters, you will dive all at once, whether you dislike tidal currents and water temperature. A heavy and strong pull that repeats many times, another game until you pull it all the way up, tighten the drag further, and slowly raise it in accordance with the rising swim of Kihada while drawing a large circle. It was 45 kilometers that came up. Although it is a large-capacity reel containing 600 meters of No. 8, I can enjoy interacting with fish aggressively by holding it because it is a handheld size and I can easily use the JOG power lever etc. In terms of power, honestly, it has more than my power, so if you close the drag and fully open the lever, it will be worn depending on the size of the fish. If you make a mistake in the target fish or how to use it, I honestly think that it has power up to a slightly dangerous level. In this Kihada, I was not particularly concerned about the load on the reel, I fully opened the lever when I wanted to wind it, and in the exchange in the middle layer I always put the lever at a medium speed or higher, but during the fight for about 20 minutes the reel It didn't stop or get hot. Of course, it is still a big fish, but there is no problem with the average size of Kihada in Sagami Bay, which will open from now on, and if it exceeds 50 kg, it will take a long time to fight, so at that time it is necessary to deal with slow fighting. Is recommended. The power of the tackle, which makes you feel more relaxed, makes you feel the expectation for a bigger game.

    ModelloProduct nameMANOVELLAGear ratioweight gdrag force (kg)PE Braided (No.-m)PE Nylon (No.-m)Maximum Force KGRegular hoisting speed 1kg load (m/min)JAFS standard hoisting force (kg)JAFS standard hoisting speed (m/min)
    DAIWA 17 SEABORG 800MJ800JManovella Destra2.81720338-600 10-50012-500 16-350290 (321)120 (130)27140
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