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    THE MONSTER. ― Its performance, monster class. Innovative technology that transcends common sense and supreme joy that no one has experienced. The tough BIG MONSTER landed here. One of the strongest machines in the Seaborg series, which was born with the latest technology by repeating rigorous tests in order to catch the dream big game. PE8-1000m with abundant winding amount, reachable to the deep sea. It is possible to target a wide range of areas from large-scale deep fields such as large fish such as yellowfin, amberjack, and quay (ara), and deep-sea to deep-sea mud and mutsu. Strong enough to be impossible. ■ MEGATORQUE motor Tuning a motor of the same class as the Marine Power 3000. Daiwa's original custom motor that emphasizes torque but has a smooth start-up due to the brush motor and has excellent durability. Power and speed are approximately 1.3 times higher than the conventional size ratio. With a quiet driving sound and a strong heart for catching, head to the ocean where big things hide. ■MEGA TWIN Daiwa Electric Reel's unique switching mechanism that has two gear ratios that instantly switch between mega power and mega speed with a single switch. Uses a manual switch that can be switched by the angler depending on the situation. ■ ATD (Automatic Drag System) A tough drag system that operates smoothly according to the pull of fish and continues to work smoothly. Adopts 7 large carbon washers to greatly improve drag force. The handle bearing is equipped with a drag radiator to improve the heat dissipation effect of the drag. A strong ally that controls the drag force drop during fighting and can even overwhelm large fish. Also equipped with a drag sound function that informs you when the line is pulled out. ■Aluminum motor housing FF structure with a low profile reel designed by placing the motor in front of the spool. This motor housing, which is easy to hold and has a high cooling effect, is given an aluminum member to further improve heat dissipation performance. As freely as possible. ■ JOG power lever A new shape JOG power lever that allows instant operation, assuming a standing fight. When holding the rod with your right arm, use your left thumb to operate JOG. When exchanging with the left arm, pinch with the right thumb and forefinger and operate the power lever. Comfortable operation with good response that does not give the target room to fight back. ■ Mag Shield Ball Bearing Daiwa's unique waterproof and durable structure shuts out the intrusion of seawater and dust by creating a magnetic oil wall and maintains a light and smooth initial rotation performance for a long time. This technology is applied to the ball bearing itself, which is the cornerstone of rotational performance, and the mag shield ball bearing is adopted for the spool shaft bearing that is the most prone to salt damage and difficult to maintain. Spool-free performance ・Continues winding power and maintains comfortable initial performance for a long time. Dot liquid crystal The large character screen with excellent visibility in the field uses dot liquid crystal that can be clearly seen even when using polarized glass in direct sunlight. Equipped with convenient functions such as line input procedure and Japanese/English switching. Large buttons that are easy to push further support a comfortable operation feeling. (*The picture of the function explanation is using Seaborg 800MJ) AM3:30 Aim at Niijima Kimme from quiet Inatori Port. At that moment, Seaborg 1200MJ comes to life. ― Masao Tabuchi At 5:30 AM, when the sky began to turn white, we aim for a depth of more than 350 m from the first shot. A device with a 2kg rebar weight falls smoothly. Soon after, you will hear a fish sword that hits the peculiar tip of Kimme. Loosen the drag and send the line thread by the shaking of the ship to aim for multiple points. The line capacity of PE8×1000m is still enough even if it is sent over 500m. Start winding slowly in the speed mode. The good-looking fishery is clearly transmitted to the rod. The rod bent from the root when it was wound up about 50m. It's rooted. Switch to power mode and raise the JOG power lever to MAX at once with full drag. MEGA TORQUE motor, the heart of BIG MONSTER, shows off its power and instantly roots and completes. This is a work that can be done only by the JOG power lever that delivers maximum power all at once with a comfortable response. Uoshinobu is transmitted to the middle of the pole. I am convinced of the considerable weight and the multiple points. After that, just wind it up with a certain tension. The smoothness of the ATD (Automatic Drag System) covers the sway of the ship and reduces the looseness caused by mouth cuts. It's a really reliable ally, and an indispensable function. When you start gimmicking on the surface of the water, a lustrous fish body of Kimme shining in pink and white silver emerges. The appearance of climbing up and down is exactly what the deep sea dancer is all about.

    ModelloProduct nameMANOVELLAGear ratioweight gdrag force (kg)PE Braided (No.-m)PE Nylon (No.-m)Maximum Force KGRegular hoisting speed 1kg load (m/min)JAFS standard hoisting force (kg)JAFS standard hoisting speed (m/min)
    DAIWA 17 SEABORG 1200MJ1200MJManovella Destra2.92000338-1000 10-80012-800 16-550622 (689)Hi 140 (155) Lo 60 (65)48Hi 170 Lo 70
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