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    The REAL MONSTER MEGA TWIN is made with aluminum JOG for comfortable operation, lighter weight and more refined design . image A seaborg flagship model with the basic performance required for a small electric machine, operability, weight reduction, and further refined design. One-hand comfortable operation Aluminum JOG power lever allows delicate intuitive operation even with wet fingertips in the field. Speed ​​control is just with one thumb, from shelving, invitation, slow hoisting, shaving and collection to the angler's wishes. The MEGA TWIN-PRO, which can switch between Hi and Lo gears, prevents the squid from spreading due to a smooth gear shift, and demonstrates its true value in the squirrel with an unexpectedly large one. DAIWA TECHNOLOGY image image image [One-hand JOG operation procedure (1) Clutch OFF (device input)] [One-hand JOG operation procedure (2) Clutch ON (bottom standing / shelving) [One-hand JOG operation procedure (3) JOG hoisting (shelf collection, shaving, spearing, collection) ■JOG_POWER_LEVER [Jog power lever] By moving the position of the power lever to the center of the body and changing the shape from the lever to the jog dial style, you can wind up and turn the clutch on and off with one thumb of the hand holding the rod The hand is completely free from lever operation. If you hold the rod, your thumb will naturally be attached to the upper part of the body, so it is ergonomically comfortable. The Jog Power Lever allows you to operate it freely with one thumb (200-300J series). The Seaborg 500/800/1200J series can be operated with the thumb of the left hand. ■ DENDO

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