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    Enjoy the infinite field to the fullest! “Shoot” Castism 25 Pursuing the performance required for castism targeting various fish species. Equipped with an aluminum machine-cut tough digital gear to improve durability. A screw-in type handle is used to thoroughly eliminate backlash. In addition, we have achieved further improvement in casting performance by reducing the overall weight by adopting a lighter spool. The specifications are even more encouraging for casting and retrieval, which is repeated many times. There are two types of drag, quick drag, which is effective for fishing rods, and ATD, which operates smoothly even when pulled unexpectedly. The spool is equipped with a line memory that allows you to see the type of wound line at a glance, and is equipped with a line clip that is compatible with power threads and thick leaders to improve comfort. DAIWA TECHNOLOGY ■ Magshield Daiwa's unique waterproof structure that shuts out the intrusion of seawater and dust by creating a magnetic oil wall in the gap between the body and the rotor. Since the body and rotor are non-contact, the initial rotation performance is maintained for a long period of time while maintaining light and smooth rotation. Most of the causes of rotating noise are the intrusion of salt shavings and foreign substances. Except for cases where the reel is accidentally dropped into water, the rotation noise generation rate of the mag-shielded reel is significantly reduced. Moreover, this ratio is appearing in the data as a larger difference over time. This means that the longer you use it, the more effective it will be. In other words, it is a proof that the dustproof and waterproof ability of the mag shield is at a very high level. ■ Air rotor An air rotor with a structure that can be called a revolution. By distributing the load with the optimal rim structure of a unique shape, the strength is the same as before and the weight is significantly reduced. The rotor balance is also improved, resulting in responsive rotation. ■ A new generation drag system that keeps working while smoothly following the pull of ATD fish. Since it starts off more smoothly than before, it is hard to break the line, and it is hard to give a sense of discomfort to the fish, so it is less likely to run wild. In addition, there is a peculiar stickiness in the operation feeling, and it is less likely to run at once even with a low drag setting value, and the frequency of drag readjustment during fighting is reduced, so that you can concentrate on fighting. ■ Quick drag (* QD model only)Drag function that can be loosened and tightened by turning the drag knob about once. For example, when performing a long-distance fishing rod fishing method, the rod or reel may be pulled into the water if the drag is tightened. On the other hand, if you loosen the drag, it will take time to exchange (tighten the drag) when it is hung, and it may fall apart. With Quick Drag, you can loosen the drag until it hangs, and then you can quickly tighten the drag after it hangs, so you won't have to deal with it. ■ ZAION Body rotor (3500/4000 size excluded) Carbon resin with high density woven carbon fiber, which makes it impossible to exceed magnesium in weight specific strength. It is used in the main parts of reels by taking advantage of its ideal characteristics of high rigidity, light weight, and resistance to corrosion unlike metal. QD's greatest strength is in the long-distance rod fishing method. There is a difference between heaven and earth depending on whether or not it is equipped with a drag that can be operated quickly. [QD] When placing red sea bream, red sea bream, large gissu, etc. with a rod, the principle is to loosen the drag and wait for Atari. All of them are fish that run at once as soon as they eat food, and if you do not send out the line smoothly according to the movement, you may feel resistance and release the food in your mouth, and sometimes you may be taken with a tackle. .. After running through the run immediately after Atari, I tighten the drag again, adjust it, and start exchanging, but if it takes time to turn the knob many times, the chance may be unexpected. In that respect, QD is OK with just one twist (one turn) of the knob. From the drag-free state, you can quickly start communicating with one action. With the rod hanging on the tripod, you can wind the reel a little to remove the thread dandruff and move the device a little. It can be said that it is an indispensable function for throwing big fish. [ATD] ATD is a drag that has the ultimate function of preventing line breaks by sending out the line when a load exceeding the set value is applied. The start is smooth, and constant resistance is constantly applied while the line is being pulled out. It doesn't let the opponent run wild, and it's quick to take away the opponent's stamina. The long throw rod may not be able to absorb the shock of hitting or the thrust of a fish by "bending", but by equipping the reel with ATD, the strength of the mechanism can be maximized. This is a big advantage especially in reeling-based fishing. For example, in surf trolling, ATD can prevent the misalignment that tends to occur when using a narrow line with an emphasis on flight distance. Even if the opponent is an unexpected big game and is attacked by a strong pull immediately afterwards, it will continue to apply resistance as set with its unique stickiness, so you will not be wasted on the line, and it is safe to get on the pull wave at the time of capture .. As you develop various types of fishing, if you adjust the drag according to the weak point of each gimmick, you will not feel regretful. Depending on the set value, the drag may slip due to the load of the cast during long casting. At that time, you may get injured by cutting the tip of your finger on the line, so we recommend using a finger guard. QD and ATD, which have different roles as drags, respectively. If you use it properly according to your fishing style, you can surely kill the target.

    CODEMODELProduct nameWinding length cmGear ratioStandard own weight grMaximum drag force KGStandard spool amount Nylon (lb-m)Standard spool amount PE (No.-m)Bearings / rollers
    22718619 CAST'IZM 25QD 15PE15PE944.7405122-2501.5-200, 2-1506 1
    22719319 CAST'IZM 25QD QDQD944.7410122-2501.5-200, 2-1506 1

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