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Valley Hill Raison Odessa

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Valley Hill Raison Odessa


Valley Hill Raison Odessa is a Made in Japan rod If a rod with excellent total balance is called Raison Jaburo , Raison Odessa will further refine sensitivity which is one factor required for rod performance by changing the balance ratio. It is a series. Of course, in rod development, adding a large ratio change to a well-balanced rod has the potential to cause an extreme imbalance if one step is mistaken. Therefore, by repeating the field test and verifying it, we derived an exquisite ratio change that leads to sensitivity UP . As a result, we succeeded in significantly improving the sensitivity while achieving operability, casting performance, and landing performance comparable to Jaburo . Please experience Odessa of Sensitivity which is another form created to capture Lake Biwa. ROC-66MMH This model features a tapered design that can be used not only for fast-moving lures such as spinner baits, but also for light Texas rigs. The tip section that follows when operating the lure is also ideal for minnow jerking. ROC-67MMM This model features butt power that allows you to easily land in the 60 class while maintaining the performance as a bait finesse rod. Also, by adopting a regular first taper instead of an extreme first taper, it is possible to correspond to various rigs. ROC-69H It is an all-round model that can be used for all middleweight lures. It supports not only fast moving lures such as spinner baits, deep cranks and vibrations, but also Texas rigs. It is a rod that can maximize the effectiveness of sensitivity. ROC-70H This is a model exclusively for fast moving lures that uses medium elastic carbon as the main material. By realizing high sensitivity while emphasizing the goodness of the glue, it is possible to capture both the soft touch to the weed and the inhalation of the following bass. ROS-67ML A versatile spinning model that has both operability and casting performance. It can handle not only jig head rigs but also minnows of about 9 cm. The overall tension action also allows for quick operation of the shad plug

Model Code Length (ft) Sections (pcs) Closed (cm) Weight (g) top dia (mm) butt dia (mm) lure weight (gr) line weight (lb) power Montaggio carbon(%)
Valley Hill Raison Odessa ROC-66MMH 6'6 ” 1 198 123 1.9 10.9 7 – 18 gr 6-16 MH CASTING 83
Valley Hill Raison Odessa ROC-67MMM 6'7 ” 1 201 118 1.9 10.6 2 – 18 gr 5-14 M CASTING 82
Valley Hill Raison Odessa ROC-69H 6'9 ” 1 206 134 2.0 11.9 10 - 28 gr 10-25 H CASTING 84
Valley Hill Raison Odessa ROC-70H 7'0 ” 1 213 140 2.2 12.3 7 – 18 gr 10-25 H CASTING 84
Valley Hill Raison Odessa ROS-67ML 6'7 ” 1 201 100 1.8 9.0 3 – 14 gr 4-12 ML SPINNING 91
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