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22 SHIMANO CURADO DC You can comfortably enjoy both the bus and the salt in one unit. A new standard that brings “freedom” style closer A new standard model with a line capacity of 20lb-100m and a DC brake that makes freestyle games more accessible. With the adoption of the I-DC4, which has excellent long-distance castability and anti-backlash performance, it is possible to respond to a wide range of fishing methods with simple brake settings, from around 10g minnows to 300g class big baits. The spool has a large diameter and wide specification that allows you to operate as you wish immediately after landing on the water. The X-SHIP structure that firmly supports the pinion gear, the carbon cloth washer with excellent durability and smoothness, etc., make it a single unit that can be used regardless of the type of fish or the environment in which it is used. The global model Clad, which has a high level of trust and achievements, has been transformed into a DC with ample line capacity of 20lb x 100m. Equipped with I-DC4, which has excellent long throw performance and anti-backlash performance, it can handle a wide range of small plugs around 10g to large big baits. The gear ratio is a lineup of 7.4 HG and 8.5 XG. It can be used not only in freshwater but also in salt big games. Direct operability and response realized by wide spool. The spool diameter is 35mm and the spool width is 28mm. The full bobbin surface minimizes the reduction in bobbin diameter even during full casts and deep games, and direct operation is possible immediately after landing on the water or after landing. With excellent action response and instant response to unexpected bites, you can develop games with large fish advantageously. Silky winding comfort and excellent rigidity that the micro module gear attracts. Equipped with ultra-small precision gears and micro-module gears that minimize vibration levels, increase the number of teeth that mesh, and achieve both smooth winding comfort and strength. By combining Shimano's unique technologies such as X-SHIP, a support structure that achieves heavy-duty reeling with a combination of robust gears, and the lightweight and highly rigid HAGANE BODY, it demonstrates high basic performance that does not yield to big fish. To do. Originally designed for export, CURADO has long been trusted by overseas customers. In addition to robustness, high cost performance is gaining support, but the true reason why this reel is required is not only that. World standard spool No. 200 that can hold 20lb x 100m. For example, even when using a big bait with sea bass, there is no need to worry because 22 to 25lb can be sufficiently wound. The length of the handle is 45mm, which is slightly shorter than the export version, which is also a commitment to the domestic specification. Freshwater, seawater, and bait reel options used by all-rounders not only in Japan but also in the world have increased.

Code Name part number gear ratio Maximum drag force (Kg) Weight (g) Spool diameter (mm)/width (mm) Yarn amount PE (No.-m) Maximum winding length (cm/1 rotation of handle) Handle length (mm) Number of bearings BB/roller
4969363045010 22 CURADO DC 200HG - RIGHT 200HG 7.4 5.5 225 35/28 12-165, 14-145, 16-120, 20-100 81 45 6+1
4969363045027 22 CURADO DC 201HG - LEFT 201HG 7.4 5.5 225 35/28 12-165, 14-145, 16-120, 20-100 81 45 6+1
4969363045034 22 CURADO DC 200XG - RIGHT 200XG 8.5 Five 230 35/28 12-165, 14-145, 16-120, 20-100 93 45 6+1
4969363045041 22 CURADO DC 201XG - LEFT 201XG 8.5 Five 230 35/28 12-165, 14-145, 16-120, 20-100 93 45 6+1

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