Daiwa Zillion TW HD

Daiwa Zillion TW HD

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Daiwa Zillion TW HD


The new HYPER DRIVE DIGIGEAR , which uses high-strength brass for the drive gear and high corrosion-resistant copper alloy for the pinion gear, realizes strong and smooth rotation, and is compact with HYPER ARMED HOUSING ( FULL AL ), yet has tough body rigidity . Realized. Equipped with a newly developed 34mm G1 duralumin ultra-high precision MAG-Z BOOST spool for maximum long cast performance. Immediately after its launch in December 2020, the ZILLION SV TW has been evaluated as clearly longer flight distance than its predecessor. Many praise the winding comfort as smooth and powerful and the amount of information that can be obtained from the reel has increased. It is a great pleasure for DAIWA's reel development team to have many anglers experience Flying SV BOOST and Maki no HYPER DRIVE DESIGN. And now, ZILLION, which has been used for up to a year since its release, is beginning to show its true value. It's durability. Reels, which are both substances and machines, cannot avoid deterioration. However, ZILLION should not have suffered a decline in performance that can be felt after overworking for a year. HYPERDRIVE DESIGN is a design concept aimed at long-lasting initial performance. Its true value appears as you use it. Jun Maeda The time I spend fishing in a year and the way I abuse tools may be comparable to a few years of a typical angler, maybe a lifetime. In that situation, I am ZILLION SV TW. Since the winter of 2020, I have dared to use it with no maintenance without lubrication. This is a tester's job, so please maintain it properly (laugh). But what happens to ZILLION that I used with no maintenance now? As for it, there is no trouble and the usability is almost the same as when it is new. This unchanged part is the part that has changed from the 17 model. Based on the ZILLION SV TW that can withstand the abuse of the guide Maeda, the enhanced version that assumes further tough use is the ZILLION TW HD 1000. The combination of high-strength brass drive gears and high-corrosion-resistant copper alloy pinion gears is DAIWA's strongest setup in terms of durability, although it adds weight. In order to make full use of this gear, a 100mm long handle is standard equipment as a device to raise the input value from the angler. The power round EVA knob also enables powerful reeling with a feeling of grasping rather than pinching. For Yukiya Uchiyama, who has a shallow power game, it is a reel that hits the middle of needs. Uchiyama: This reel ... it's overkill (laughs). Even though it was over 55cm / 3kg that I hung in the mat cover, the fight ended in an instant with the gori winding and punching. I kept shooting for an hour. I finally hung the bus, so I wanted to enjoy it a little more! It's not good at all, this reel! When translated, it says Very good! Great !!, so I asked about the specific use. Uchiyama: I'm a bank beater (a style that specializes in shore covers, etc.) that doesn't even have fishfinders in this era, so the place to use it is limited to shallows, but even so, this reel has a lot of turns. I'm mainly a power game, so it's no exaggeration to say that I use it for all fishing personally. Not only long casts, but also middle and short distance casts, if you shake off the rod firmly, the brakes will work. Frogs, shallow cranks, jigs, Texas, and other shooting objects are all cool in HD. If you want to use them properly for more comfortable fishing, SV TW at fishing spots that use a lot of light lures and skipping. Is the main, and I think that HD is the main in fishing areas where heavy covers are entangled or long casts are required. For those who can do manual finger braking (summing), HD MAG-Z BOOST stretching skipping I want you to enjoy it. I feel good. Maeda The first impression of the ZILLION TW HD1000 was I was very happy. The specs I've been looking forward to have finally arrived. Originally, I prefer the MAGFORCE-Z brakes. Last year, I used the SV BOOST. By installing it, ZILLION has become a reel that I want a lot. So I actually used it as a main reel for a year. But ..., if I shake off the rod with this ZILLION TW HD1000, it's this one. I like this one for the distance and the cast feel. I like it even more than the conventional MAGFORCE-Z. I am also happy that the line capacity has increased. Because I cast a long distance on the 18lb. Or 20lb. Line and do winding things. As I said in last year's promotional video, ZILLION SV TW didn't have enough winding thread when using thick lines. In fact, it's a reel that has a long flight distance enough to release the line with a deep crank. SV TW is a very complete all-rounder, but it was better than the best for my big lake style. This HD is the best. HD has two gear ratio settings of 7.1 and 8.1 so far, so it will be a worm type main reel for my use such as jig, Texas, snake caro. Spinnabe's slow roll is also good at 7.1. The power and durability of HYPERDRIVE DESIGN is 100% effective when using lures with tight winding resistance such as deep cranks and magnum cranks. As a big lake Krunker, I would be happy if the HD had a lineup of gear ratios of 6.3 and 5.5 like the SV TW.

Modello Gear Ratio Cm / handle 1 rotation Weight gr Max Drag Kg Ball Bearing Nylon PE / metri
Daiwa Zillion TW HD 1000H 7.1 75 200 6 10 / 1 16 lbs -100 m / 20 lbs – 80 m Pe 1.5-200 m / Pe 2-155 m
Daiwa Zillion TW HD 1000HL 7.1 75 200 6 10 / 1 16 lbs -100 m / 20 lbs – 80 m Pe 1.5-200 m / Pe 2-155 m
Daiwa Zillion TW HD 1000XH 8.1 86 200 6 10 / 1 16 lbs -100 m / 20 lbs – 80 m Pe 1.5-200 m / Pe 2-155 m
Daiwa Zillion TW HD 1000XHL 8.1 86 200 6 10 / 1 16 lbs -100 m / 20 lbs – 80 m Pe 1.5-200 m / Pe 2-155 m
  • TWS


    TWS greatly reduces the resistance at the line guide near the spool where the spool rotation speed is the highest, promises comfortable fishing with less backlash. Good flight, improved controllability, fast fall, backlash TWS improves all basic performance of bait reels.

  • UTD


    Eliminates the initial bite at the beginning of the drag effect, and while achieving smoothness without stick (unevenness), the more you tighten it, the more effective the drag force is.

  • G1 duralumin spool

    G1 duralumin spool

    A special aluminum alloy called G1 duralumin that is twice as strong as magnesium and 1.3 times as strong as extra super duralumin. The material that maintains its ultra-lightweight and excellent rigidity is the highest grade of lightweight alloys that are also used in aircraft structural materials and precision equipment. If the same strength is maintained, an overwhelmingly lightweight feeling can be achieved, so it is possible to maintain sufficient strength simply by thinning the spool winding surface without blanking. The high rotational response brought about by the lightness and the accurate and unrivaled rotation due to the high rigidity are unrivaled.

  • Zero shaft

    Zero shaft

    The spool is only supported by the BB. Shaftless eliminates extra resistance and provides ideal spool rotation. In other words, it is the key to a high-power engine that prioritizes casting performance. The spool mechanism, which was once called the speed shaft, was renamed to "Zero Shaft" in 2021.

  • Zero adjuster

    Zero adjuster

    By first adjusting the "zero adjuster" and setting the "spool backlash zero", the evolution of the magnet brake has made it possible to control all lures with only the mag dial. "Zero adjuster" is a mechanism to enjoy fishing comfortably without malfunction during fishing by adjusting to "zero setting" before starting fishing.
    * The "zero backlash" setting is a setting that does not push the spool while leaving a slight backlash (about 0.2 mm).

  • Drag drawer click

    Drag drawer click

    Drag pull-out click is a structure that makes a click so that the drag operation can be discr

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