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20GR / G-04
20GR / H-10
20GR / H-116
20GR / H-156
20GR / H-510
20GR / H-528
20GR / H-530
20GR / H-98
20GR / MG-09
20GR / MG-44
30GR / G-04
30GR / H-10
30GR / H-116
30GR / H-156
30GR / H-510
30GR / H-528
30GR / H-530
30GR / H-98
30GR / MG-09
30GR / MG-44
40GR / G-04
40GR / H-10
40GR / H-116
40GR / H-156
40GR / H-510
40GR / H-528
40GR / H-530
40GR / H-98
40GR / MG-09
40GR / MG-44
60GR / G-04
60GR / H-10
60GR / H-116
60GR / H-156
60GR / H-510
60GR / H-528
60GR / H-530
60GR / H-98
60GR / MG-09
60GR / MG-44

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11,50 €

Zetz W The Smelt è al versione con amo Decoy anziché ancoretta WMC sulla coda, per il resto: peso, colori e dimensioni sono identiche. Zetz W The Smelt Jig è ideale per insediare tutti i predatori della nostra costa sia da riva a Shore Jigging che dalla barca per lo spinning sulle mangianze. Excellent response to the rod work. By implementing the action to the attention of anglers faithfully, boogie Walks melt, which has piled up a lot of experience. 2018, reborn as The smelt. More body design that became the worked silhouette edge in Sharp, multiplied by the polish to high response, and delivers a seamless variable action until the mighty rod work from fine input. You with a performance that can bring out the action of Kuwase accurately in accordance with the target of the activity. Large elements stable flight attitude while center balance also connect to the fishing. For many years to hone benchmark By now, the high total performance of light Shore jigging, is finally The smelt, it appeared.

022530ZETZ W THE SMELTWTSM-2020GR65mmG-04
022522ZETZ W THE SMELTWTSM-2020GR65mmH-10
022531ZETZ W THE SMELTWTSM-2020GR65mmH-116
022524ZETZ W THE SMELTWTSM-2020GR65mmH-156
022526ZETZ W THE SMELTWTSM-2020GR65mmH-510
022523ZETZ W THE SMELTWTSM-2020GR65mmH-528
022529ZETZ W THE SMELTWTSM-2020GR65mmH-530
022525ZETZ W THE SMELTWTSM-2020GR65mmH-98
022527ZETZ W THE SMELTWTSM-2020GR65mmMG-09
022528ZETZ W THE SMELTWTSM-2020GR65mmMG-44
022540ZETZ W THE SMELTWTSM-3030GR75mmG-04
022532ZETZ W THE SMELTWTSM-3030GR75mmH-10
022541ZETZ W THE SMELTWTSM-3030GR75mmH-116
022534ZETZ W THE SMELTWTSM-3030GR75mmH-156
022536ZETZ W THE SMELTWTSM-3030GR75mmH-510
022533ZETZ W THE SMELTWTSM-3030GR75mmH-528
022539ZETZ W THE SMELTWTSM-3030GR75mmH-530
022535ZETZ W THE SMELTWTSM-3030GR75mmH-98
022537ZETZ W THE SMELTWTSM-3030GR75mmMG-09
022538ZETZ W THE SMELTWTSM-3030GR75mmMG-44
022550ZETZ W THE SMELTWTSM-4040GR82mmG-04
022542ZETZ W THE SMELTWTSM-4040GR82mmH-10
022551ZETZ W THE SMELTWTSM-4040GR82mmH-116
022544ZETZ W THE SMELTWTSM-4040GR82mmH-156
022546ZETZ W THE SMELTWTSM-4040GR82mmH-510
022543ZETZ W THE SMELTWTSM-4040GR82mmH-528
022549ZETZ W THE SMELTWTSM-4040GR82mmH-530
022545ZETZ W THE SMELTWTSM-4040GR82mmH-98
022547ZETZ W THE SMELTWTSM-4040GR82mmMG-09
022548ZETZ W THE SMELTWTSM-4040GR82mmMG-44
022560ZETZ W THE SMELTWTSM-6060GR94mmG-04
022552ZETZ W THE SMELTWTSM-6060GR94mmH-10
022561ZETZ W THE SMELTWTSM-6060GR94mmH-116
022554ZETZ W THE SMELTWTSM-6060GR94mmH-156
022556ZETZ W THE SMELTWTSM-6060GR94mmH-510
022553ZETZ W THE SMELTWTSM-6060GR94mmH-528
022559ZETZ W THE SMELTWTSM-6060GR94mmH-530
022555ZETZ W THE SMELTWTSM-6060GR94mmH-98
022557ZETZ W THE SMELTWTSM-6060GR94mmMG-09
022558ZETZ W THE SMELTWTSM-6060GR94mmMG-44

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