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BASSDAY MONONOFU Further pursuit is modeling beauty Pursuit of basic performance required for lures such as "swim with certainty" and "fly well" is indispensable for lure development. "Beauty of modeling" was pursued further by facing the development of the new mountain stream minnow. When you get this lure, which is reminiscent of handmade lure, it satisfies the desire to own "beauty" and repels the desire of anglers. As a maker, no, as an angler, I want to fish with such a lure. I want to engrave my memory with a beautiful gorgeous fish. I want to create a lure that satisfies such desires. I want to deliver to people who value "beauty" as a lure maker. "Mononofu" was born from such a feeling. I want to be a pure, pure and brave lure like "Mononofu (samurai)". MONONOFU45S Like the 50S, the 45S has no habit of action, and its own weight is 4.0g, which is lighter than the 50S. The internal weight ratio is high and it will fly like a bullet to the target pinpoint. Usually 45 mm Smaller sizes are often used as the main follow-up item of 50 mm. The mainstream setting is light weight. The Monofu 45S is not just a downscale, but an aggressive one. By setting the center of gravity of the tail slightly compared to the 50S, it is possible to drop to the target layer relatively quickly after landing. However, with a small body of 45 mm and a large lip like the 50S, swimming is extremely smooth. You can aim for pinpoint at a fast tempo without getting sick even when you start swimming. MONONOFU50S 50mm is the standard size for mountain stream lures. First of all, the main item to cast first. Although it is a heavy sinking genre, the 4.6g weight is set so that anyone can easily throw it regardless of the rod. The fall posture is horizontal, it makes it possible to attract after casting, and it makes swimming extremely fast. You can. It is a strong advantage to attract fish after casting with pinpoint and start swimming immediately. Also, setting the lip a little larger helps to make it easier to swim, and with a fine twitch, the movement distance is short. When stopped, it does not sink immediately from the tail and slowly falls while fascinating the lure. The size of the lip also plays a role in avoidance ability, but the action is extremely natural, It is designed to be very easy to use for down fishing.

Codice di riferimentoModelloLunghezzaPesoColore
029758BASSDAY MONONOFU 50S COL. MO-0015 cm4,6 GrCOL. MO-001
029759BASSDAY MONONOFU 50S COL. MO-0025 cm4,6 GrCOL. MO-002
029760BASSDAY MONONOFU 50S COL. MO-0035 cm4,6 GrCOL. MO-003
029761BASSDAY MONONOFU 50S COL. MO-0045 cm4,6 GrCOL. MO-004
029762BASSDAY MONONOFU 50S COL. MO-0055 cm4,6 GrCOL. MO-005
029763BASSDAY MONONOFU 50S COL. MO-0065 cm4,6 GrCOL. MO-006
029764BASSDAY MONONOFU 50S COL. MO-0105 cm4,6 GrCOL. MO-010
029765BASSDAY MONONOFU 50S COL. MO-0115 cm4,6 GrCOL. MO-011
029977BASSDAY MONONOFU 70S COL. MO-0037 cm7,7 GrCOL. MO-003
029979BASSDAY MONONOFU 70S COL. MO-0077 cm7,7 GrCOL. MO-007
029980BASSDAY MONONOFU 70S COL. MO-0137 cm7,7 GrCOL. MO-013
029983BASSDAY MONONOFU 70S COL. MO-0167 cm7,7 GrCOL. MO-016
029986BASSDAY MONONOFU 70S COL. MO-0197 cm7,7 GrCOL. MO-019
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