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SHIMANO ENGETSU A standout fall. The sea bream game has evolved dramatically with level wind interlocking. The sea bream reel Engetsu, which never stops evolving, has been renewed with further specifications. While maintaining the smooth and powerful winding that the micro module gear and X-SHIP bring, it is equipped with a level wind interlocking spool and a fall lever to produce a stable fall. The aluminum HAGANE body, which has increased robustness, controls the power game with the big sea bream. In addition to the highly versatile No. 100, the item lineup includes No. 150, which is focused on doTERRA sea bream. It is the birth of a sea bream reel that responds to a wide range of fields and strategies. The reborn Engetsu is equipped with a fall lever to freely control the fall speed. You can turn on the red sea bream with a quick movement, show it carefully with a slow fall and invite it, or create a fall that matches the situation on the spot. The decisive difference between the conventional speed adjustment by thumbing and the fall lever is to ensure a uniform and constant speed fall. Sensing intermittent and unnatural speed changes, this is a great weapon for capturing the big sea bream of Hyakusen Renma. In addition, by linking the movement of the spool and the level wind, there is no catching when releasing the line, making it possible to always deliver a smoother and more stable fall. For the same reason, the start of the drag when a large sea bream hits is also very smooth. Even when aiming for big fish with thin thread, the line is delivered instantly and smoothly to prevent breakage. If you get used to handling the lever, you can change the sinking speed just before reaching the bottom, and you can also efficiently check only the hit range by avoiding the stray roads. Depending on how you use it, you will get various benefits. In addition to the standard size 100, 150/151 HG compatible with doTERRA sea bream rubber has been added. NEW Engetsu's lineup includes highly versatile 100 size PG and HG (101 for left-hand winding), as well as 150HG and 151HG, which have a large amount of spools and stock 330m of PE1. Equipped with a 60mm long handle and a round knob for speedy and powerful search in deep water where water pressure is applied, and an aluminum plate on the A side increases the rigidity of the body. It realizes a powerful winding feeling without spoiling the efficiency of high gear. Combined with the lightness of not having a counter, it will be a valuable force in practicing doTERRA Tai Lava, which is one step lighter than Super Deep. I usually do it with the intention of catching big red sea bream, and among them, the fall lever and level wind linkage are very important functions. Using the fall lever to slowly drop the lure has the advantage of making the reluctant fish react. I used to set the drag relatively loosely, but recently I've tightened it up so that I can get it tighter in a shorter amount of time. I loosen it after confirming that the red sea bream is firmly hooked, but if it is linked with the level wind, there is no strange load or catching on the line, so it works smoothly even if it is tightened tightly. So even if my response is delayed for a moment, they will help me. That's the most important thing. Of course, there is no catch when falling, and it is also an advantage that the sea bream can be dropped smoothly. Also, Hougetsu does not have a counter that displays water depth. That's because the overall lightness is more important in situations where you don't feel the need for a counter, such as shallow water. The counter has the advantage of being able to see the depth of the water, etc., but on the other hand, there are people who do not rely on the counter and set up fishing based on their own experience. If anything, I'm also of that type. I also find it attractive that the weight is light because there is no counter. There are two sizes, 100 and 150. No. 100 has the same settings as before, with right-handed 100PG and 100HG and left-handed 101PG and 101HG, but this year's model has an aluminum plate on the side to further increase body rigidity. And the newly added 150HG (right) and 151HG (left). No. 150 is a model that corresponds to the light doTERRA game that has recently become popular in the open sea. DoTERRA mainly uses 100-120g instead of attacking super deep with Tyraba over 200g. Until now, I used Conquest for this fishing, but Hougetsu No. 150 can wind No. 1 for 330m, and the body rigidity has increased, so there is no problem in terms of strength. The handle is also equipped with a single power handle, so it is very comfortable. The gear ratio is 1:7.8. Of course, the combination of high gear and power handle makes it easy to retrieve, but I think that it is also advantageous for doTERRA fishing because it is highly sensitive and easy to capture changes in the water.

Code Name part number gear ratio Maximum drag force (Kg) Weight (g) Spool diameter (mm)/width (mm) Yarn amount PE (No.-m) Maximum winding length (cm/1 rotation of handle) Handle length (mm) Number of bearings BB/roller
4969363043023 21 ENGETSU 100HG-RIGHT 100HG 7.8 Four 210 32/22 0.8-250, 1-200, 1.5-130 78 51 8+1
4969363043009 21 ENGETSU 100PG-RIGHT 100PG 5.8 4.5 205 32/22 0.8-250, 1-200, 1.5-130 58 51 8+1
4969363043030 21 ENGETSU 101HG-LEFT 101HG 7.8 Four 210 32/22 0.8-250, 1-200, 1.5-130 78 51 8+1
4969363043016 21 ENGETSU 101PG-LEFT 101PG 5.8 4.5 205 32/22 0.8-250, 1-200, 1.5-130 58 51 8+1
4969363043047 21 ENGETSU 150HG-RIGHT 150HG 7.8 Four 220 32/22 0.8-400,1-330,1.5-200 78 60 7+1
4969363043054 21 ENGETSU 151HG-LEFT 151HG 7.8 Four 220 32/22 0.8-400,1-330,1.5-200 78 60 7+1

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